View Full Version : Loading Save in Flooded Archives Freezes the Game

23rd Dec 2015, 14:36
I have the digital version on Xbox One. I was attempting to resume my game this morning in the flooded archives. I'm just past the point where you are struggling with a certain person, have to shoot generators, and fall. I made it to the next base camp fire and put my Xbox One into sleep mode. I always make sure that the auto-save has completed.

When I attempt to continue and load the save, the game hard freezes during the load screen, seemingly right as the level is about to be brought up. The ambient load music freezes and repeats (like na na na na na na na, aka hard lock). The Xbox One itself is still responsive and I can quit the game, and the console detects it froze and auto-quits it after like 15 seconds.

So, basically my save is corrupt. I saw there is a way to access backup saves, and I will attempt that.

23rd Dec 2015, 14:48
So, I just noticed the patch 2 notes mention fixing a bug that sounds like my issue. My Xbox One is online and should be auto-downloading patches. Just incase patch 2 isn't installed for some reason, I deleted the install and I am re-downloading the game. I think MS made it harder to see when games are updated though with the UI update. I don't notice the asterisk on the game and app tiles anymore to denote they have been recently updated.

"Patch Number: 2
Platform: Xbox One
Issue Date: 12/11/15

Bug Fixes

Major Issue Fixes
Prevented a save corruption issue that was causing players to be stuck in the Acropolis or Flooded Archives."

29th Dec 2015, 00:36
I was able to fix the issue by reverting to a back up save.