View Full Version : [Xbox One] Swan dive does not trigger from platform for Geothermal Valley High Dive

23rd Dec 2015, 07:26
Swan dive does not trigger from northwest-most platform for Geothermal Valley "High Diving" challenge

Platform: Xbox One
Media: Physical disc (Patch 2 installed)
Game Mode: Campaign
Chapter: Geothermal Valley
Save Slot: First slot, no previous playthroughs

In the Geothermal Valley portion of the main campaign, a challenge exists for completing high dives off of specified platforms. For the platform in the northwest portion of the map, it is impossible to trigger the correct swan dive animation and complete the challenge when jumping off the platform. Instead, only the pencil dive animation is triggered, which is not sufficient for completing the challenge.

Additional Information
While some players have been able to perform the dive as expected, others have reported this bug which occurred for me as well. Dozens upon dozens of attempts were made for jumping off the platform to no avail, despite no issues with the other platforms. A workaround does exist, however (see below).

Rather than jumping from the platform itself, step to the rocks a meter immediately to the right of the platform and jump off. Hold the left trigger after jumping and the swan dive animation will trigger as expected. Despite not jumping from the platform itself (as is supposedly required to complete the challenge), the jump will register and the challenge will successfully complete.

5th Nov 2016, 01:29
Just tried to start the high dive challenge on my Xbox one and Laura only seems to cross her arms entering the water feet first. So far pushing jump (A), LT and going forward doesn't activate the dive. Please help...any suggestions!