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1st Jul 2002, 05:14

1st Jul 2002, 05:49
I voted for Runtime with bread crumbs! Ha ha. By the way... Carter typo! Maggie'll have to fix that.

1st Jul 2002, 19:43
LOL, The mere thought of Runtime with breadcrubs in his hair, was quite enough to make me cast my vote...in another direction!:D

btw..I edited your typo.:)

4th Jul 2002, 12:40
Runtime with breadcrumbs. Ick!

7th Jul 2002, 05:58
the one time "all of the above" is something you want... rats!

18th Nov 2002, 10:41
My apologies for kicking this subject back to the top. I was fishing around through the back pages to see what other subjects had come up in the past, and I happened to notice that I hadn't voted in this poll (probably because I didn't own PE at the time). So I stupidly voted in it just now, and here it is back at the top because of that. Sorry... :o

In any case, I voted for Runtime--but I don't even want to know what the bread crumb thing is about... :o :o

Oopsie daisy. :D

18th Nov 2002, 21:06
Hey Rook, you may not want to know about Runtime and the breadcrumb saga...BUT..I am going to tell you anyway!:D

Iceman gave Runtime a doughnut...I hit Runtime over the head with a breadstick...took his doughnut away from him and ran away with it, where pretty soon I stuffed in in my own mouth. :D (hence the breadcrumbs in Runtimes hair)

I bet you feel so much better now.:rolleyes:

Sir Henry Morgan
18th Nov 2002, 22:37
I thought it was dandruff but I was too polite to say anything :D

19th Nov 2002, 00:18
How old is this post?

19th Nov 2002, 06:44
Started July 1st. Pretty old, I'd say... :D

19th Nov 2002, 07:00
No wonder. I wasnt even registered then :D

19th Nov 2002, 08:15
And I hadn't even started posting in the PE forums then. :D

Poor Andre... :(


19th Nov 2002, 21:23
It's Amber for me! She's very kind and always willing to help the others. And, don't worry, Rook. I do the same thing over at the Eidos Community Chat. So, whenever you see a weird poll from long, long ago, remember who probably bumped it up. ;)

19th Nov 2002, 22:04
I wanted to vote for all 4. But there's no such option. So I didnt vote.

They all got their skills and flaws. But you get a good "rush" from the game cause u get to use all of em to solve different puzzles.

I would've enjoyed 1 person who can do all those things :)

20th Nov 2002, 09:20
Originally posted by Polar_Andromeda
And, don't worry, Rook. I do the same thing over at the Eidos Community Chat. So, whenever you see a weird poll from long, long ago, remember who probably bumped it up. ;)

So that was you, ay? :D

I just feel sorry for Andre coz he didn't get any votes at all. Kind of like being chosen last for teams in gym class. ;)

20th Nov 2002, 21:02
Eugh. I hated that. I wasnt last but I was the 2nd last (?? the one before the last one) :(

I'm glad elementary school is over :D

21st Nov 2002, 08:12
Oddly enough, I was second to last, too. At least I was for awhile. Then when the "last" girl moved away, suddenly I was last. Unfortunately, that didn't end with elementary school. It was like that all the way through my high school years, too. It sucked. I don't miss much of anything about school, with the exception of art class. :(

21st Nov 2002, 19:38
High School, for me, didnt have the "pick your team" thing. The teachers chose at random who would participate in what activity.

Like if the activities were golf and volley ball, they would pick at random who would do golf and who would do volley ball.

Of course, some of the "activities" everyone would do (usually, if u do golf, you wont do volley ball and vice-versa) like. Em. I'm not sure what its called so I'll go by what I saw on TV.

Sex Ed? Everyone had to get that one. And when the exams came, you only had to fill out the awnsers of the activities you participated. The first exam of Gym I had, I freaked. It was over 10 pages long!

And its those long pages. The normal "printer" paper and half of one.


22nd Nov 2002, 06:53
Well, I did have those occassions in Junior High and High School when the teachers chose who was on what team. So, rather than being chosen last, I ended up being shoved into a team with a bunch of people who groaned and made faces coz I was put on their team. It's humiliating either way. :(

I don't even remember what gym exams were like. :o

22nd Nov 2002, 17:58
I'm just glad that after the 9th grade, Gym was optional :)

In 9th grade Gym was horrible.

In elementary, it was once a week and (forgot the name but its for 7th and 8th grade only school) was also once a week (sometimes 2.. )

But in high school... eesh. It was every day for the semester!!! I hated it when Gym was the first course on a monday!! ARGH! :mad:

23rd Nov 2002, 07:02
Whoa! I had to put up with gym all the way through my junior year. I would have much prefered if our gym program had been optional after 9th grade. It sucked. I flaming hated it. At least I didn't have to go through that for my last year of school, though. I'd say my senior year was my most enjoyable, even if it only lasted a little over 4 months. :D

23rd Nov 2002, 18:27
9th grade was hell

10th grade, semester 1 was hell

10th grade, semester 2 I got sick 2 weeks after the semester started

11th grade, I only made a few apearences (maybe a week or two) cause I was sick. I couldnt get out of home for 6 months cause my imune system was terribly low (but high enough to not require a blood transfusion)

11th grade I made an apearance at school to inform people that u cant get cancer from "shaking a hand" (or drinking in the same fountain.. all the things people are afraid to do cause they're paranoid about it). The guy who bullied me for 9th and 10th (semester 1) grade told me I was the most courageous man he ever met. I was shocked and confused then was touched (emotionally and not physically...) then i cried (well. tears in my eye. sorry. cant find a crying emoticon).

12th grade was able to make more of an aperance but was missing too many days to get all my credits, so I "left" school and went to school at the hospital and crammed courses for credits. I worked on their webpage for 4 credits, I took biology (general level), aced it :) (well. after learning how cancer works and most medical terms, biology is a breeze ;) ).

I finally was able to get my credits and i was shocked when graduation came. When they called my name, everyone got up and clapped their hands and cheered. It was wierd but thoughtfull. I was crying (not "crying" but had tears in my eyes.) and I felt so proud. :D

On both occasions when I mentioned "crying" I wasn't crying like crazy (like when you loose a pet or something" but I had a few tears. (crying is basicly having tears but people consider crying like having so many tears that u can fill a pool ;) )

Highschool was one of the most bizzare experiences of my life (all 19 years of it). I started off as :o and ended up :cool: :/

I was the first person at school to get cancer (it was a new school and im the first @ that school that had cancer) so it was hell to get the right services (like in fire drills, you cant use the elevator.. so what do u do for people who have alot of problems climbing up/down stairs?? or people in wheel chairs?? :/ )