View Full Version : Rise of The Tomb Raider game breaking base camp bug in "The Orrey" (Xbox One)

22nd Dec 2015, 05:42
So I've been playing Rise of the Tomb Raider on Xbox One digital download. So I got to the point in the main story "The Orrery". Basically there is a base camp there where when you press x to sit down you sit down but there's no base camp menu and all you can do is see your weapon slots and can't leave the base camp. I went to a back up save and avoided the fire and ended up dying a little further ahead. On the back up save the same problem occurred when I got to the same base camp. Now when I try to start any of my saves I get to the load screen but then it stays there forever. The screen isn't frozen just permanent displaying tips in the corner. I've tried hard reset, giving it time, changing settings but nothing's working. What do I do? I'm at 57% and I don't want to restart. Has this happen to anyone else? If I can't ever get it to work/ or it doesn't get fixed I'll probably never finish the game. I haven't seen anyone else with a similar problem.