View Full Version : XBOX One Lost City unable to retreive visible document behind decorative screen

20th Dec 2015, 11:19
I can see a document on a table in an inner room behind a decorative screen, but I haven't found a way into the area. I followed a youtube walkthrough and the player was able to fire a rope arrow through the screen into the rope barrier on the opposite wall of the room which enabled access from the other side. On this youtube version however (earlier version? Xbox 360?), the screen was "more square" and open - allowing a rope arrow to be fired through it. On my version, the screen is tighter, the aiming point does not turn red and if I fire the arrow, it simply sticks in the screen.

To compound the puzzle, there is an access point in the roof of the chamber via a hinged trapdoor (with rope) but whenever I use a rope arrow, the trapdoor lifts about 30 degrees and falls shut again. I have tried all angles, but the result is the same, the trapdoor falls shut (explosives and fire have no effect on this trapdoor).

I am at 86% having completed the game and am in the process of collecting the artefacts etc.

I hope someone can give me a clue as to how I can access this inner room.