View Full Version : ROTTR suddenly I cannot scroll the map!

20th Dec 2015, 03:30
It was working fine earlier today and now all of a sudden without reason I cannot scroll the map around. I have pushed every button on the xbox controller to try to close any legend or anything and it still wont work.

On the left hand side it shows "Story Objective" and Region Summary, and on the right hand side it has the map that just sits there, I cannot zoom it in and out anymore nor scroll it around to try to locate stuff. What could the problem be?

22nd Dec 2015, 18:53
My map stopped working today - no rhyme nor reason. This is how I fixed it.

Deleted update. Started game without update to make sure map was now working - OK.
Exited game and redownloaded update. Started game and tested map which is still working - OK.

I don't know if this is a permanent fix but it works for now.