View Full Version : If Lara could have a brand of something what would it be?

1st Jul 2002, 03:25
Would Lara have her own clothes line, movie company? What would it be?

Personally, I think she would have her own brand of waterproof deoderant. It would be called "WE COULD KNOCK THE BADDIES OUT WITH MY STENCH, OR WE COULD JUST GO AHEAD AND USE THIS HANDY WRENCH" Lara Croft Deoderant

1st Jul 2002, 03:34
Outdoor gear....Shorts, Boots, Backpack etc.....

1st Jul 2002, 03:42
Apparently, in 'Lara Croft: The Art of Virtual Sedution', Lara has a bikini line designed by Gucci; and some dresses designed by Jean Colonna and ALexander McQueen.

At least I think it does. lol I read about that in the back of Prima's 'Tomb Raider: The Book'. :cool:

1st Jul 2002, 03:50
"The Art of Virtual Seduction" Lol that's a great title. Is it a book?

1st Jul 2002, 04:00
I don't know. I'd say that it probably is. It doesn't say in the "The Book" what it is. But by the title, it doesn't sound like it's a magazine.

1st Jul 2002, 19:14
I think the most obvious answer would have to be guns!!!:p

2nd Jul 2002, 08:18
Hair products Lara has the best hairs!

Kurtis Trent
3rd Jul 2002, 17:35
Originally posted by LARAMANIAC
I think the most obvious answer would have to be guns!!!:p

same here!!!!!!!!!!:D ;)

3rd Jul 2002, 18:39
Sports Bras!! Lord knows she must get through 'em, she'd be great for like Berlei or Triumph, maybe she could have her own line, Lara bra!! :D

3rd Jul 2002, 21:16
I think she would have a brand of running bras. With all the running she has done, she should make a running bra.