View Full Version : New bug or I'm just not doing it right

19th Dec 2015, 06:49
I'm on the last part. In the lost city. I did the trebouchet's and launched missiles at the gate, however, the rubble still stands. I can't use the 2nd trebouchet as it's on fire. The third one i use and it just won't break the rubble in the citadel gate. I can't get through. Not sure how to proceed or if that's it for me.

19th Dec 2015, 07:48
What platform are you on? If its Xbox one have you installed the latest update?

19th Dec 2015, 07:50
it is xbox. I haven't seen an update come through. Do I need to do something to make that happen? (just FYI I'm very very new to xbox, only got it a couple weeks ago)