View Full Version : All DLC Suddenly Missing From my Game

17th Dec 2015, 21:43
I just jumped into my game like normal, but I realized that my Venom Hand Cannon was not equipped. I went to the fireplace to check my inventory and it is no longer available.

I checked my outfits and my Apex Predator outfit is missing as well.

I downloaded the Siberian Ranger outfit, and even though my character is wearing it, it does not show up in my inventory. The game thinks I'm wearing the Red Parka. I Restarted the game twice and tried different save games and the items are still missing.

I checked under My Games and Apps and both DLC packs show up as installed next to the game.

I'm playing on Xbox One

17th Dec 2015, 22:37
Xbox Live is apparently having service issues today. They're listing limited access to core services and content issues.

It took me over ten tries off and on for almost an hour to even load Rise of the Tomb Raider. And when I finally did I found I'm having the same issue, none of my DLC is showing up in game.

This is almost definitely a Live problem, so we're just going to have to wait it out.

17th Dec 2015, 22:49
I have the same damn problem on Xbox One. Noticed my Rattlesnake Revolver and Venom Hand Cannon were gone, and now I don't see either my Apex Predator outfit or the Siberian Ranget outfit, although the game says I'm wearing it. I swear, Microsoft needs to get their **** together

17th Dec 2015, 23:04
Thanks for the responses. I started noticing a lot of issues with Live as well with other apps. I had started to suspect it was on their end. Strange that Live would interrupt already downloaded material.

18th Dec 2015, 03:24
Just wanted to update that all my DLC items showed up again. All is well.

18th Dec 2015, 22:44
Annnnd it's gone again. Looks like it's going to be another offline Christmas. Yay.

19th Dec 2015, 07:52
My Remnant Resistance pack is no missing from my marketplace, but the Siberian ranger is still there.