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1st Jul 2002, 02:02
Stikboy wanders up to the doors of the Crippled Burrick and draws a deep breath. It's been a few months since he has darkened the doorway to this place. He sits back and indulges in a few memories of parties past. Chandelier swinging and old widows. A few pints and a lot of tom foolery.

Shaking himself from his revelry, he notices a few changes. A fresh coat of paint, a new door and an even newer sign welcoming all to stop in. He grins to himself and wonders if the pickings around this place have gotten any better.

He slowly opens the door, wondering if this is the right decision. He has had many a good time here and in Dayport in general, and has even prospered to a fashion. But is returning to the place of such tremendous heartache a wise idea? He quietly slips inbetween the shadows, with hood drawn tight, and takes an empty seat in the back with a full view of the place.

As he is looking around, he notices a few familiar faces, and some familiar forms sitting back in the shadows just like he is. But, he also sees a lot of new faces, and wonders if these are free game, or just more taffers lured to the bright lights and big wallets of Dayport.

It looks like the inside of The Burrick has been completely rebuilt. New bar, new floor, new tables and even a <I>triple</I> reinforced chandelier. Stikboy smiles, knowing BA had something to do with that:)

He finally decides, after watching the patrons frollic and stumble around, that this was the right choice. This was home. And heartache will heal if given the time.

He woders if he has lost any of his masterfulness in the art of "liberating". He spies a well dressed man at the bar getting sloshed and decides that this will be a test. If Stikboy could get ahold of this man's purse, he would admit that this is where he belongs, this is what he should be doing. So, stikboy sits in his corner and watches... and waits.

Hello everyone :) I'm back for a spell. How long, only fate knows. But while I'm here, watch your purses ;) :D

I missed everyone, and glad to see most everyone still around. I want to wish everyone that I missed a happy birthday. I tried to look up the list, but going back to Feb. there were a LOT of parties, so a group happy birthday to everyone :)

yubetcha, I was sorry to read about your wife. My thoughts were with her also, and I am glad she is recovering.

Bat-Mite, congrats on your engagement. May you two talk til the wee hours of the morning, and make love til the wee hours of the afternoon:D

And welcome to all the noobs that I missed welcoming, even though I think most have out posted me by now:D

BTW, don't bother posting about the above story here, I am copying it to the LAG thread. I just thought it made a good coming home start:)

1st Jul 2002, 02:10
Thanks, Stikboy, and welcome back. It's been a long time. :)

1st Jul 2002, 02:34
Welcome back. I see you found the new Crippled Burrick, and, as usual, are up to your old tricks.

Stay there in the corner and I'll see if your old landlady is still around. I'm sure she would stand you to a pint. :D

1st Jul 2002, 02:43
BA, enjoying the evening, and the new digs, slows down to a snails pace, sipping on her drink, eyeing the patrons down below.
She spies an old yet familiar face. Darkened by the shadows that surround him, he backs into the corner further. Taking everything in, he kicks back. BA continues to eye him. Could it be? Aaaahhh, yes it is. Stikboy!
Pushing her drink in mid air, she slinks along the wall, so not to disturb the party below. Blending in with the tapestries, the wood work, and the brick as she goes. She walks on the floor, avoiding the light cast on the floor. One empty seat next to Stikboy, she sets down next to him. His head turns. He slowly pulls back his hood, and :D BA! Stikboy! Where the hell have you been? Its a long story. I have thought about you, you know.
What have you been up to? How have ya been? And what is this?? Grabbing a drink from thin air, she sips. Eyeing him again, I sense something...Your not thinking of leaving again are you?
Deep within you, you seemed burdened. I hope that, by returning to the place of such tremendous heartache is it a wise idea? He looks at her, stunned. Well, it has been so long. Many stories I have. Well, you know that can be for another time. Just enjoy yourself, kick back, enjoy the evening, you are always welcome here Stikboy. Good to see you again. ;) :D

1st Jul 2002, 03:16
Welcome back, stikboy! I'm glad you found your way to the new and improved forums. :) You were missed.

1st Jul 2002, 22:45
back into the fold, our one and only Stikboy...Glad ta see there Taffer :) Hope all is well with you and yours? Yea, the new digs aren't too shabby..not exactly like our old home but just like anything...takes a bit of snugging to make it a comfortable fit :)

Have you checked out the new "Thievery" mod yet to UT? If not, get a copy of the game if you don't have it and then get the mod and test it out. One Taffer who is now LeatherMan was on it last night and I Spectated for awhile. You can use the players CAM to watch the action by using your right click button when in that mode :) A nice feature...especially if you get killed, you can still watch the action that way.

Well guess I'll toddle off and check some more around here and there for news and chit chat...Ta and Good Hunting!

Thorin Oakenshield
1st Jul 2002, 22:55
Welcome back Stickboy, I see you've put on weight since I saw you last:D j/k :D

1st Jul 2002, 23:58
Thanks everyone. It's nice to know that no one is forgotten around here :)

BA - not planning on leaving again, but not sure what the future holds either :)

Huntress, I downloaded Thievery, but still need practice before jumping online. Darn default keys are a pain. I need to rebind mine

Thorin, either you have a bad memory or poor eyesight. I've actually lost weight :D Should call myself twigboy now :D

Thorin Oakenshield
2nd Jul 2002, 17:48
Oh I think it must have been your cloak obscuring the view:D ;)