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1st Jul 2002, 01:52
I was looking around at some of the files in the Project Eden\Images directory and noticed that some of them aren't used in the game. For example, Minoko.edi is the level 3 picture but with a large picture of minoko in front of it.

First delete or move the four L#_load.edi files that I listed on the right. (If you delete them you can copy them off the CD again if you want to change the images back)

Then rename the files on the left and change them to the names of the right. Then load that level and see the cool picture. :D

Minoko.edi --> L3_load.edi
Amber.edi --> L4_load.edi
Andre.edi --> L6_load.edi
Carter.edi --> L7_load.edi

1st Jul 2002, 04:25
Good idea! Thanks for that. Here are the screenshots:

Carter (http://northwood.caltech.edu/ice/pe/Load-Carter.jpg) | Minoko (http://northwood.caltech.edu/ice/pe/Load-Minoko.jpg) | Andre (http://northwood.caltech.edu/ice/pe/Load-Andre.jpg) | Amber (http://northwood.caltech.edu/ice/pe/Load-Amber.jpg)

1st Jul 2002, 19:53
Hi there Gizban , nice to see you again.Thanks for those pics, they are cool! :)

Thanks Ice for posting them. :)