View Full Version : Where the heck is Final Fantasy V (5) Game Download?!? Brought it! (read please)

15th Dec 2015, 19:12
I brought this game few days ago, Only gotten email for Activation Key, but no Game Download!! I check SE site many time to find it.. But no luck. So I've sent SE serveral email about this issue.

-sighs- I even gave them the order number and instead of giving me Download link to FF 5, they gave me FF14 instead! How can they sent me the wrong game when I gave them the correct order number for Final Fantasy 5? Plus the FF 14 I already got that few month ago.

Can anyone help me out here what I need to do? I just can't believed that SE gave me the wrong Game to download! >.<.

I already replied to the email they use, to tell them they sent me wrong game, and I just amazed how they can make mistake with the Order number I gave them. I sent them email twice!

Customer :(

27th Dec 2015, 01:06
Got problem solved, Just have to go to Steam and put in your Activation Codes and it'll download the Game, even though it doesn't show that it have it, but it does once you entered the Activation Codes. I just find it odd that on Steam website it doesn't have the game Final Fantasy V in the first place.

Anyway thanks for the help :]

Also, as for Controller The Logitech doesn't work! :( But Playstation 4 Controller does work. :] Just need to Download the Software in order to use PS4 Controller.