View Full Version : Yesterday I bought episode 4 and 5 but can't play them.

15th Dec 2015, 10:48
The first three episodes I played where from a friends account, he shared his games on my system for a while. He was 20 euro in debt to me so I got Life is Strange season pass from his account. I was only able to play the first 3 episodes because episode three was just new. But his little brother got the games share now. And I have played the first 3 and got all the trophies from all three. Yesterday (few months later then I last played) I decided to buy the last to episodes by myself on my account because I already completed the first three and paid for them months ago. I installed them. But now when I am in game I cannot load my episode 3 file, it sais I have to buy the full game?? I can only play the trial?? This didn't say when I was in the ps store. I read episode 4 and 5 carefull, because I wanted to know that I did not buy them for nothing. And there is nothing written about this is or might be a problem, so I bought the last 2 episodes.

Now I just want to know, How can I play them? I already spent double money on it because the season pass was bought on my friends account when we shared games. Now I bought 4 and 5 double (10 Euro extra), and I cannot play. So can someone please tell me what to do?

15th Dec 2015, 14:52
That sounds like quite an unusual situation - as far as i'm aware the first party stores treat the episodes as DLC rather than individual games (because they're not set up for episodic games). I'd suggest contacting the store either for a refund (then buy the season pass) or perhaps buy episode one to see if that will 'activate' the other episodes.