View Full Version : [Xbox One] Sprinting glitch in Geothermal Valley

14th Dec 2015, 18:10
When playing Rise of The Tomb Raider for Xbox One, sometimes I lose the ability to sprint; that is, the game does not register the clicking the Left Stick. Walking with the Left Stick is not affected, but clicking the Left Stick does not activate sprinting. I do not know what causes this, but it has happened to me twice during normal campaign gameplay in the level Geothermal Valley. I am using the Xbox Elite controller. Exiting the game to Title Menu and then continuing the game fixes the issue temporarily. The controller itself is fine; even while the game is unable to register the Left Stick click, the app Xbox Accessories can register the Left Stick click, so the controller is not broken. While the glitch is occurring, I have noted that the Shoulder Swap function (clicking Left Stick while aiming) still works. This further shows that the controller is fine and the console is still receiving signal when clicking Left Stick, but for some reason this function is not activating sprint. I have not progressed beyond Geothermal Valley to see if this glitch can occur beyond that level.