View Full Version : Misguided Intelligence, Bird Respawn Bug

13th Dec 2015, 15:34

The 'Misguided Intelligence' bird respawn bug has still not been resolved resolved in patch 2. Tried out a new game and these are the two scenarios where the bug appears for me.

Scenario 1
When the 'Misguided Intelligence' quest is active and I take up another optional quest 'Dangerous Territory' (before completing Misguided intelligence) from the quest giver that is at the gate where the bird is first found sitting atop of.

Scenario 2
When you go check out the bird on the same gate and it flies atop the communication relay (highest one) and you happen to advance further to a new location (where you take up new optional quest) of the game without finishing this quest.

In these scenarios the quest is actively shown on the map with the green pulsating circle, but in real world the bird does not seem to pop up or neither the concentric circle showing the bird in the world pop up, no matter how diligently your circle around and in the parameter.

Both scenarios seems to happen when you overlap this mission with another without completing it

As anyone found a resolution for it? Please let me know if you have.