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11th Dec 2015, 22:59
Revived vampire, technically, but "Wraith" just has a nicer ring as a class title. Suggestions open.

Note that this thread presumes, after Rahabim arrive and get some work done, clans/factions will be expanded with further classes. Based on that, this idea is for a second class of the Melchahim clan. Design-wise, something kinda corpsey and skeletal seems fitting. This is some fan speculation of what the evolved Deceiver would be - before it came to be, of course - but it gets across a vague idea of the sort of visage I'm thinking of, something emaciated and horrific to behold. (http://payload326.cargocollective.com/1/15/509555/8828356/Deceiver_EvolvedSkinLWauquier_860.jpg)

Being a Melchahim that already died and went spectral for a second time (or more), it's connection to life ought to be more tenuous than even the usual clan members - low on the health end. But powerful, high reward if you can successfully navigate the risk of death. Standard claw swipes for melee.

Its abilities should operate mechanically similar to Abyssal Barrier with the meter that steadily decreases as the button is held, only without requiring the button to be held (because god, is that awkward to do while moving all about), the meter just drains automatically. Visually akin to SR's revived and wraiths when sucking soul energy, that ethereal tether connecting to the target - the catch being that the target moving too far away (or the vampire taking too much damage) breaks this tether prematurely. So you've got to stay kinda close but not so close as to draw heavy fire. Use your teammates and chaos to cover you.

As far as attack animations, given that these are all tether-based, that thing the Summoner does when brought up in profile or the store - that hand-wavey magic-casting looking pose - seems suitable with some alteration (obviously the hands shouldn't drop until the attack is over).

RMB: Steady damage (up to a set maximum, of course) while the tether stays. Variants might leave a lingering bleed DoT (well, more of a soul leakage...) or the tether could self-destruct at the end for a heavier hit following a lighter drain. Maybe one branches into smaller (less effective) tethers attaching to human allies in a small radius (think Infect or Rousing Cry) around the main target. Another could operate parasitic, healing the vampire for some portion of damage done. Color-wise, various blues (in keeping with SR's visual take) or reds (communicating 'damage').

Q: The tether attaches a debuff to the target - slow, weakened melee or gunfire, increased recoil [a weakening of muscles leading to less steadiness with the weapon], visual obstruction of some kind, etcetera - while active. Possibly the debuff effect steadily rises (again, to a set maximum) the longer the tether stays attached. Variants causing different effects, naturally. Color-wise, various blacks and greens (communicating 'debilitation/poison-style effects').

F: This slot's abilities attach tethers to an ally, providing a buff. Basically a reversal of the Q-slot skills, rather than draining the target, they're siphoning their own energies to it. Color-wise, various whitess or yellows (communicating 'healing/aid').

13th Dec 2015, 01:57
A single human could be shared between a wraith and a vamp, vamp takes the blood while the wraith gets the soul.

Part of me would like this variant for all vamp classes; but if only a single vampire clan discovered how to raise the wraiths and the others simply followed suit, the Melchahim would be the ones to bet on making the discovery.