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11th Dec 2015, 08:37
Sorry if someone was saying something like this before, I honestly tried to look through forums, but search system's really not helping. Or it's just me. So as a (small-time) game-designer, long-time LoK fan and dedicated Nosgoth user, I would like to suggest a couple of things, which were or were not already mentioned before, mostly about class of Summoners/Melchanims. Really respect the concept of "necromancer" applied fluff-wise to the verse, nicely done.

Still, it was kind of obvious idea after a couple of games with this class, that it could be more specialized (so obvious, that I can't believe you didn't consider it and scratched for some reason already, which you most likely did). Specialized at what? Bodies! Game already has "dead human bodies" mechanics, so Summoners could really utilize it in a different way. Basically all of their abilities could work in conjunction with corpses - Rising minions (of all kind), exploding the body in a middle of party to deal damage and/or slow, consuming it to grant shield, all of that. I do understand that this could provide its own problems, so will try to cover them next.

If this was the basic of class, it would make it very special in use. Which wouldn't be so bad in itself, considering we have similar "special classes" in Sentinel and Deceiver (Razielim and Zephonim, respectively). Still, since basic gameplay is already set and balanced, I highly doubt you would decide to spend your time and money to rework it from scratch, so that's most likely out of question.

How can we sidestep that then?

-We could try to introduce new abilities (simple variations of existing ones like Charge/Marathon or Pounce/SavagePounce, for starters), that are more powerful, but require corpses to be cast.
-Or, if that seems too difficult for players to use - weaker abilities that can be used anytime, but become significantly stronger if used on a human body, as a compromise.

Another problem would be bodies being important for a team; so a single Summoner devouring all corpses for himself and thus denying his team an opportunity to heal - definitely is not good. How can this be avoided?

-First and easiest, if somewhat jarring - using a body don't literally consume it, and other vampires (probably Summoner himself excluded) can still use it in a way it's supposed to be used.
-We could also give summoner a shared cooldown for these, so he couldn't spam them - possibly even affecting his Executions; he's still getting his share of bodies, but instead of healing (which he should rarely do in the first place, considering his support role) he's using them in a different way. Fair and square. But that would be more difficult to do and balance, so - problem.
-Third - if we're talking about separate abilities that would use that mechanics - they will already have long enough cooldown to prevent spamming, we could only prevent combining different skills that to that, either simply by quantity (you can't combine and abuse ability if it's only one of a kind), or locking them to a single slot, or making them mutually exclusive.
-Or just don't care, since selfishly consuming bodies instead of leaving them to your wounded allies is integral part of Vampire gameplay, both in fluff and, sadly, in practice, so what difference would it really make?

If we could try to introduce an ability or two of this kind, it could be less time-consuming to create, would provide great opportunity to optional usage by the players, and most importantly, would make Summoner's gameplay even more thematically special and unique than it is now. It would be great if you considered it, at least for internal play-testing.

Thanks for your time.

11th Dec 2015, 21:32
Seems like a lot of potential issues just to be able to score some thematic points. And the Melchahim summoning is primarily an ongoing experiment to stifle their decay (the war being a begrudging secondary usage), a goal which is not furthered by exploding bodies and such.

And this would only make them thematically divided given that their theme here isn't "using corpses in odd ways". Their theme is utilizing the spectral realm as a source of power. (Also, unrelated but the Summoner is not a guy.)

Rather than shifting the thematics of the current class, this could serve well if the devs ever move into expanding the clans (and human factions for fairness) with multiple classes in each. Though, as far as the 'bodies' theme goes, it's the Zephonim that string them up, store them and weave them into the walls of their fortress. Melchahim just use the skin.