View Full Version : USER INTERFACE Ping System - Why do we have to press C anyway?

10th Dec 2015, 16:30
Seriously. It would be way faster if you just had to press the numbers 1-6 without opening the menu everytime.
Who designed this and thought it was a good idea?

10th Dec 2015, 17:07

The menu is there for people to learn out the system, and what each button does. I do think the ability to just use the number keys would be good for players who have learned the system and memorized the call-outs, but there is definitely value and sound reasoning behind having the menu. It's also worth noting that this is a very, very new feature, so I imagine it's going to go through a couple iterations for improvement.

10th Dec 2015, 17:41
I know that it is important to know the buttons. If it wasn't that way, I wouldn't even know what the buttons do.
And it is okay, that it is there.

My question was why we have to press C everytime we use the feature.

It's not that I want the menu to disappear in general. I'd like 1-6 to also work without the menu.
That way the menu rather becomes a notepad to learn.

Imagine you have to open a menu with a button to then press Q,E,F to chose your action.
The first step would be unneccessary.

Pressing a button to choose which button to press is not a good design decision imho.

10th Dec 2015, 22:07
The game is so fast paced, I rarely have time to look at what the menu says.
It really needs to be much more intuitive or allow us to bind the keys to whatever we want.

Also I find the call for help/assistance should be changed to something else because by the time you realise you need assistance, you are usually dead or about to be. Plus its not very informative about HOW to help (put yourself in the shoes of a new player).

I feel a 'regroup on me' or 'run towards me' button would be more useful in those situations so the spawning members of your team will run and meet you halfway and perhaps have a chance of keeping you alive.

11th Dec 2015, 04:47
I can't get the ping system to work at all, personally. :/ I've tried binding the keys and all of that, but it just acts like I'm not doing anything. It's getting really irritating and I'm wishing I could get it to force the bindings to work.

11th Dec 2015, 07:34
Taking this to another level (as I usually do, its just the way I am), I think this whole ping system could be used to help TRAIN new players. Imagine an auto ping system that only works in the first new player areas that highlighted what needed doing rather than relying on new players to already know and reliably use the commands at the correct time.

Examples (remember this is aimed at new players not vets):

Player on low health: Auto pings 'I need healing - cover me!'. So other players can see what they need to do or how they can help.
Player left solo: Auto pings: 'I need help' or whatever relevant message is available ('Run to me' would be better).

Etc etc...you get the idea hopefully.

This would be like an extension to the tutorial but without bots, helping newer players get to grips with the flow of the game faster.

15th Dec 2015, 20:46
Perhaps instead of hitting a number after pressing C, a radial menu could be brought up and clicked on with the targeting reticle while C was held to issue statements.

16th Dec 2015, 14:58
Perhaps instead of hitting a number after pressing C, a radial menu could be brought up and clicked on with the targeting reticle while C was held to issue statements.

I think radial menus are most of the time hard to handle when it comes to mouse input (they are designed for controller joysticks).
But of course we can have both options, since some people really seem to play Nosgoth with a gamepad.
So radial menu for controller, 1-6 for keyboard.

And to Sonix: I like the idea!