View Full Version : League Beta 3.0 Shield & Keys being rewarded this Friday!

9th Dec 2015, 18:48
Denizens of Nosgoth,

It is with a vast amount of joy and a huge sigh of sleuthing relief that we're pleased to announce the delivery schedule for League Beta 3.0's in-game rewards. With player & position verification coming to an end, we're looking to get the Vanguard's Drowning God shield and Chest Keys delivered to you guys this coming Friday :).

Thank you all once again for your wonderful patience!

11th Dec 2015, 10:23
Thank you!!! :)

11th Dec 2015, 13:46
i didnt get any rewards yet tho, did anyone else get it?

11th Dec 2015, 15:22
I linked my steam account with the square enix account, but i didnt get the keys until now. As i now want to start Nosgoth with my browser, i have to link my square enix account with steam account again. Why? Will i get the keys for blood league? I can send a screenshot!!!

Edit: Oh...I got the stuff. THX