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30th Jun 2002, 21:23
Alright folks I've just uploaded the next 4 mission (The Giant of Haiphong, Bonus 7, Saving Private Smith with Invasions Bonus) reviews for Commandos 2.

I'm gonna try and get the next four mission up for thrusday, but no promises.

30th Jun 2002, 21:31
Looking forward to it Longshot;)

30th Jun 2002, 21:51
I dont actually care about doc's cabin just checking to see if i can post :)

1st Jul 2002, 04:54
I'm only postin this here beacuse its for Commandos, and some people might be in interested in taking a look at it. I'm not gonna post a thread here when I take a look at Desperados or MechCommander or any game like that obviously.

Red Mage
1st Jul 2002, 20:10
I think it's a great job your doing, looking foward for the rest of the missions reviews.

2nd Jul 2002, 07:15
Yeah, agree.....:confused:

3rd Jul 2002, 14:15
Originally posted by [TNR]Bertie
I dont actually care about doc's cabin...

Hey Longshot/Shotdead, he's dissing you!;)

3rd Jul 2002, 21:12
lol people still use the word "diss"?

Anyways I could careless what a 1 time poster thinks. All I do is run a Desperados website and if people like it fine but if they don't thats fine too, I'm not gonna close the doors on the site because someone doesn't like it. It's just a fun side project I did/do to learn a bit of HTML.

3rd Jul 2002, 22:46
All right folks, I've just upload the last four missions in my Commandos 2 review.

This however doesn't bring the review to an end however. There is one more section to the review where, I'll be talk about everything else in the game, from graphics to gameplay of the entire game to the multiplayer aspect of the game, and much more. It will all be talked about in the Overall part of the review. I'm hoping to have this part of the review up by next Thursday.

10th Jul 2002, 20:45
Alright, after roughly 6 weeks of hard work put into this, it's finally done, an overall review, and final thought are now up an ready to read.