View Full Version : Does square mean theres just too much content, or too much content for one disc?

9th Dec 2015, 03:08
What do they mean they need to go multi part series because of how much there is?

Unless the game is 60 hours and up, that's not much content.

If it's too much for one disc (doubt it, blu rays are huge) couldn't they just go multi disc? like the original. The nostalgia itself would be awesome.

and will your save file cross over? can you go back to areas on the last part? is content blocked off after you finish a part?

and what about weapons? are you forced to use the buster sword all game or will weapons drop like in the original? I wanna see Cid use a mop as a spear again, etc.

9th Dec 2015, 07:07
They said each part will have the content of a full-sized game. Also, a lot of new content and areas not reachable in the original will be added in the remake.

11th Dec 2015, 09:45
What consistutes as a full-sized game? It would be fair to assume they mean a full sized Final Fantasy game if that's all we're getting told, but I'll honestly be surprised if this ever ends up anywhere near the size of the original. Honestly, at this point, I'm kind of waiting for this to just die and fade away. :\