View Full Version : Feeling Sad.. No Room for Turned Base/JRPG Battle system for Future Games?!

8th Dec 2015, 00:17
I was sorely disappointed in SE on not leaving the Turned Base Battle system alone on Final Fantasy VII, I felt that we got left out and there no room for us anymore on the future gaming. :(

I probably just ending up replaying the Good old fashion Role Playing Game like Xenogears, Dragon Warrior 1, 2, 3, 4 and 7, Suikoden series, Dragoon, Enchanted Arms, Chrono trigger, Chrono Cross, and millions of Turned Base RPG. I was hoping SE will remake them with update Graphic, perhaps add side quests.. But after seeing that they have ruined Final Fantasy VII combat system.. I don't want them to dishonor the memory of those old games.

I know there are PC RPG with Turned base games, but its not the same with Console rpg that we fall in love with. Heh, I remembered playing Lufia role playing game on SNES and I enjoyed the game so much that I ending up hitting level 99 without realizing that I gotten that far already. Its relexing to sit there and leveling up the characters and going though the storylines... Also on Dragon Warrior III, I leveled up to level 30 and didn't save since level 22 and the power went out I had to start all over again from level 22 hahaha.. Nevertheless I still enjoy playing turned base rpg games.

My (Our) Dreams is that Company like SE and others will realized what they're missing, what the Fans want the most.. Hopefully they'll bring back the Turned base role playing games with excellent Storyline and updated graphic. Even if I happen to dream it, I hope I'll never wake up from them..

8th Dec 2015, 10:16
I'm sure many of you felt betrayed, I'm sorry SquireEnix.. Just that you hurt us by ignoring our request to keep the Turn Based Battle System, even if you want to try something new.. That is understandable but as long its still Turn Based Battle System! :(

If we want to push button million time, we would've played Non-RPG.

We just like to sit down and turn on the console and play Role Playing Games with Excellent Storyline, updated Graphic and enjoyed doing Turn Based Battle System, its relaxing.

9th Dec 2015, 08:30
I think it's a bit early to judge, maybe this new system is fun to play. Personally I find myself enjoying turn-based RPGs more than action-based, but this and XV seem to be fun to me.

Let's be honest here, turn-based games are still being made. Just a quick list of the upcoming turn-based RPGs from Square Enix that are confirmed for localisation (new games, not including ports):
For PS4 & Vita: Setsuna (has Chrono Trigger battle system), World of Final Fantasy (monster catching with ATB)
For 3DS: Bravely Second, Dragon Quest VII remake
For mobile: Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ (card based)
In addition, SaGa Scarlet Grace (Vita) and Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius (mobile) were trademarked in the west, so it's also possible they will be localised as well, and they have turn-based combat.

Of course, Dragon Quest XI is in development and both the PS4 & 3DS versions are turn-based. So is Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 3 for 3DS. But not sure whether they'll make it outside Japan or not.

1st Jan 2016, 15:17
Well,Let me just say something about this subject
Square Enix is a great company and I respect them a lot,Though I wish them to make more Turn-Based RPGs
I won't complain,I usually have played more turn based RPGs than ARPGS or Western RPGs
Lets just say that the reason probably why SE does this is either to reinvent the wheel,Experiment,or trying to see what works in this modern era of video games.
I will say that I hope Bravely Default keeps doing well in sales in order for Square Enix to at least make little turn based RPGs on the 3DS(Or Vita,Whatever you prefer)