View Full Version : December 07 2015 Update - CM16

7th Dec 2015, 18:18
Improved Transfer System

Improved mail messages when making transfers (If a player you are trying to buy accepts an offer from another club they will now tell you so. Previously they just signed for the other club without informing you.)

Bug fixes

We have implemented fixes for 2 progression blocking bugs that we believe have been in the game a number of years, but were very hard to track down.

Blocking bug 1. We believe the fix for this will mend any games in progress for users that have encountered this.
Blocking bug 2. We have stopped it from happening in the future, but are unable to fix it for those who have encountered it.

7th Dec 2015, 23:17
I like the sound of the improved transfer system but there is no update, well at least not for android yet :(
Actually went back on and updates there :D

17th Dec 2015, 15:59
Just a quick question, when I went to sign a free agent in the summer and offered them a contract, it would say that they had received the offer and would inform me of their response promptly. Then, when I went back onto the player's profile, there would be no "cancel pending transfers" icon, as if I had never offered them a contract at all. No matter how many times I tried, the player would just not receive the contract offer.

This bug has cost me many great players and I just wondered if the new update included a fix for it. Any info would be much appreciated.

-- Dinosir.