View Full Version : Principal Wells and the Handicapp fund fraud?

6th Dec 2015, 20:38
In episode 4, in Chloe's handicap room. when max reads a letter in Chloe's dresser. Her reaction (depending on what you choose in Ep3, is "What a bastard, I totally should have let Chloe steal your bull**** fund".

I am suspecting that this information means that Principal wells was committing fraud by misappropriating funds for handicap renovations? Thoughts?

I guess it doesn't matter that the game is now finished, but I'm curious.

10th Dec 2015, 00:14
Wow I didn't know that happened if you left it. I totally stole it and I usually wouldn't have BUT I thought it was super weird that any kind of legitimate fund would be kept in a shady envelope in an unlocked desk drawer. I thought we would absolutely need the money or Frank wouldn't cooperate with us and/or maybe hurt us or the investigation. I think choices like that always have duality outcome to make the player feel partially regretful about either choice. Like no choice is truly perfect.

EDIT: also, since I figured out how to keep the money from even Frank, if you save Chloe in the end, you both have a nice little nest egg to start a strange new life together! :thumbsup: