View Full Version : Need help in Score Attack on The Lost City, please, someone?

6th Dec 2015, 04:54
Okay, so I'm stuck on The Lost City in Score Attack and can't get a Gold Medal. I looked on the Leaderboards, one player has over 482 kills but 0 score pickups... and 14 Animals Hunted. How in the hell is that possible? You can't just beat Score Attack without collecting any Wisps. And where do you kill enemies and animals on this particular stage? No one on the Leaderboards is telling me how they did it. They must have ******* cheated. Can someone please help with a video of this stage? It's the only one keeping me from getting the Golden Child Achievement. It's driving me crazy.

6th Dec 2015, 10:34
I read about this. They clearly have found an exploit but I don't know what it is. Haven't tried this one yet. Is it one where the multiplier is key?

6th Dec 2015, 11:35
I'm not sure. When it comes to the multiplier, I can't ever keep a combo going. Lara is so stupid every time she Rope Swings to a sheet of ice that she has to grab on to and doesn't collect the Wisp on the way, making me lose my combo. Whatever this enemies killed exploit is, I need to know, because almost everyone on the Leaderboards with top scores are using it. Not only that, they've got over 20 collectible items, which is impossible.

6th Dec 2015, 14:48
I'll keep an eye out and let you know if I find out.

6th Dec 2015, 16:06
Thank you. Until I find out this kill exploit and where these items collected are coming from, I will not play it anymore. It's getting on my last nerve. Tried it 9 times today and ended up dying 3 times using Climbing Arrows

7th Dec 2015, 21:06
I think the person you originally referred to has dropped to number 17, proving it can be done!

7th Dec 2015, 23:31
Just got Gold on this level and it wasn't too bad in the end. As you have to use the Live Only Once card the main problem was dying. Took me about 6 or 7 goes. Not too bad once you knew where to stick the arrows. With the card multiplier at 475% you only have to score about 6000 by the time you get to the end (in fact I think I was at 5900 so wasn't sure if I would get gold). Here's my stats:

Quick tips: Before you start running, fire arrows into the two walls that you can see. Place one close to the wisps. Once you have jumped to the second wall fire one arrow into the third near the wisp - you can make it! - then jump to the wooden ledges. Where you can lose the combo is just after this point, when you swing but when you leave the rope it is possible to direct your landing on the lower wisp on the ice wall. I did lose the multiplier a couple of times, but as long as you can keep going without stopping for too long, get a couple of decent chains and hit about 5900 with the above card set you'll do it.

My general method to just get Gold and not necessarily a high score is see what score is required for the level, see what the card multiplier is, then divide the required score by the multiplier. This will give you the minimum score you need by the end of the level. Once you hit that you are home and dry. It helps to have a couple of dry runs first to work out where the wisps, lanterns and collectables are that keep your multiplier up, and also where the enemies are or tricky bits, especially if you have the Live Only Once card in your deck.