View Full Version : (Xbox One) Refinement Tool Glitch

6th Dec 2015, 03:16
So, apparently, if you purchase the Refinement Tool before you obtain the Enhancement Tool, the game fails to register that you actually have it. I purchased the Refinement Tool as soon as I had enough Byzantine coins, because I wanted the counterweight on the handguns as soon as possible (for nostalgia sake) and it was well before I reached the Geothermal Valley and found the Enhancement Tool. Well, now the game is failing to acknowledge that I have already obtained the Refinement Tool. I spent the exorbitant 175 coins on it, but the upgrades requiring it will not unlock and the Supply Shack does not have it as I've already purchased it. :(

Now I have to start my second playthrough over, when I've already gotten as far as the Acropolis, because I won't be able to complete the game at a literal 100%, as the Refinement Tool is needed for the last tier of upgrades and the game won't register that I already have it.

EDIT: Nevermind. Apparently, when you purchase the Refinement Tool before you find the Enhancement Tool in the Acropolis, it actually becomes the Enhancement Tool. When I viewed my inventory, it said Enhancement Tool, so I assumed I'd already found it. However, I just opened the strongbox and instead of telling me I found/obtained the Enhancement Tool, it said I'd found/obtained the Refinement Tool.

So in a nutshell, purchasing the Refinement Tool gives you "early access" to the Enhancement Tool and later, when you're to find the Enhancement Tool, you actually find the Refinement Tool instead.