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5th Dec 2015, 18:07
If you're familiar with Just Cause 2, you might have already seen the first Top Gear parody I made within Just Cause 2 some months ago. It was tweeted about by the developers, and was posted in articles across the Internet, wracking up over 375,000 views to date. The calls to release another episode were loud and so, after many months of toil and delay, I am proud to present a new 4-part special, the inventively-named Just Cause Top Gear 2.

In this 4-part special, Jeremy, James and Richard return to Panau for an epic journey across this beautiful but troubled island. Along the way they will take part in races and face many challenges.


Episode 1 (https://youtu.be/V3u6Te3Iy9A)

Episode 2 (https://youtu.be/BpaVOypre5A)

Episode 3 (https://youtu.be/I8KE4ejkrY4)

Episode 4 (https://youtu.be/Bpc-DDOEicM)

I've also put all 4 episodes into a nice neat playlist to make watching them easier. Can't seem to embed it though...
4-Episode Playlist (https://youtu.be/V3u6Te3Iy9A?list=PLWByU8rkCD9bmOzyT1hEWTaahtUesbIhC)

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