View Full Version : Soviet Installation debris wall prevents going forward

5th Dec 2015, 17:20
Could not find this on the bug list
Using Xbox 360
Went thru the soviet installation once and made it thru a few more levels or areas - then decided to go clean up and make sure I found all the banners and flags to complete the challenges at this soviet installation. Found the last soviet red flag - that was accomplished - then started going thru the soviet mine facility - proceeding to the top of the building looking for the "differences of opinion" banners. Got all the way to the top - where the way was supposed to be open. My only option now is to jump on another higher platform which has a chute that slides down to another lower level platform. (I know there is another lower chute that you can jump from the chute to a mezzanine area for more items - but this is not that one.) The debris I am trying to get thru is burning pipes and timber and can't be blown up, burned up - etc. I looked at a you tube walk thru - and this debris wall gets destroyed during battle with others - It was destroyed during my first going thru this area. It is now here on my second visit. I wanted to go forward - not back to another fire camp to fast travel somewhere else - I have at least one more banner to find to complete this challenge. Is this a bug - or am I just not supposed to go forward from here?

5th Dec 2015, 17:25
This has been discussed here also