View Full Version : *SPOILERS* Jacob

4th Dec 2015, 16:23
I have finished the game three times now and am working through my fourth. And something still bothers me, since Jacob AND the Deathless Ones are all immortal and all of their souls are kept in the Divine Source, why do the Deathless Ones sacrifice their humanity to be immortal but Jacob does not? I have yet to find an actual answer to this and would appreciate ideas!

5th Dec 2015, 07:09
Maybe it has something to do with prolonged exposure to the Source? Jacob and the Remnant had been cut off from the Lost City for 600+ years since the Mongol invasion, while the Deathless had been there with it the whole time. Maybe that's why Jacob didn't immediately die/disintegrate with the Deathless when Lara smashed the crystal, even though he was visibly affected by the backlash. Ana seemed unaffected beyond her initial exposure.