View Full Version : 100% Complete but only 184/185 Documents registered - Missing 1 Camp Journal

3rd Dec 2015, 18:14
Hi everybody,

I have 100% Completed the game (XBOX 360) and found all collectibles but for some reason I am only registering 184/185 documents. When I scroll through all the various documents it says I'm missing the last camp journal and says it can be found in the Soviet Installation. Obviously when I look at my soviet installation map it says 100% complete and nothing on the map is available to get. It also says all documents found.

I believe the Camp Journals are the 'inner thoughts' of Lara that play out whenever a Base Camp is used for the first time throughout the story mission so I would have thought I would have all of these Camp Journals automatically??

Does anybody know where this is at or where I can get it or is it a Bug (don't see any other posts regarding this situation on the forum)??

Thanks for the help.


3rd Dec 2015, 18:51
I know its not much help but you might have to use the 100% guides on youtube and find the name of the document youre missing. You can run through your documents that are registered in your game by pressing rb (tab over) from the map. Run through the names and see if you can find it. I did that for geothermal valley and soviet installation. It sucks but if ur desperate...

3rd Dec 2015, 18:57
If you find the location can you post a screen shot of the map showing where its missing?

28th Dec 2015, 08:39
I also have a 184/185 documents problem, but my missing document is in the Acropolis. I have, "The Mourning", "The Abandoned City", and "First Winter", but I can't locate the 4th one. I've found all other items in the Acropolis, but I don't see anything on the map I've missed - worse yet, there is a section of the Acropolis map you cannot backtrack to so I can't explore it (I've tried coming in from both directions).