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3rd Dec 2015, 18:01
I played 1 game and it's very fun and very useful but the 1 thing i think would improve it is a different color for each command,i have to read chat for every time some1 uses a command and a different color would make it easier to distinguishe.

4th Dec 2015, 01:36
Not sure...but i thought of maybe including them in the tutorials? (As in teaching how to use them)
I say "not sure" since i dunno if it is worth the trouble...(since it's pretty easy to understand). On the other hand, it's a way to let new players know it exists...

4th Dec 2015, 09:00
Well yeah sure it's not hard to understand but it would be faster to react for players,i mean rather than checking the chat u just see the color (let's say green for "need healing"),and u know right away what that player needs.
But yeah it's not a big or game changing thing...was just a suggestion:)

4th Dec 2015, 10:24
Well this is as good a post as any to drop my list of feedback


First things first: Good job. This was a much needed addition and the way it is realized upon first release is simply great!
Minor bug bears and suggestion below:

1) Detecting cloaked Deceivers;
IDK if bug or intended, though I don't think it will be a HUGE issue. Good players can tell where invisible deceivers are anyway and the ping only highlights the last known position, though to be absolutely safe, I'd turn that 'feature' off.

2) Terrain collissions;
When standing to close to a wall (with your back) the camera sometimes get stuck and shoves your character model and other minor wall decorations and shrubbery in your vision, that's bad enough, but it also blocks the ping function, as you mark the wall behind you, not whatever is in your crosshairs.

3) The aformentioned color coding would be great!
EITHER: Color code commands (healing=green, help=red, ready=orange - for example)
OR: Each player gets assigned a color, so you can see who's in trouble or who has called out what position.

4) Give different commands for Human/Vamp team.
For instance: Humans don't really need a 'ready'-command, not as much as Vamps do anyway, and Vamps could use a button to call out to teammates that they HAVE food to give away, marking the corpse they are dragging.
For now though, it is very suitable, especially the 'Going to heal'-command I find very useful in Pubs.

While there could still be a button to see the list of commands available, it would be much easier to simply press 1-6 instead of C+1-6. The number keys are not used in any other way, so why not allow direct usage.

6) Crosshairs for Vampires?!
While the added aim-assist for marking targets is nice, I would appreciate a small dot to be more precise, which can also help a lot of people aim their melee swings and abilities, which do not already use a Crosshair overlay.

4th Dec 2015, 15:01
I agree with the quick commands one.

I'd like to add :

- give us the possibility to mute the sounds. My Nosgoth experience is now a lot of vivid colors markers and annoying sounds.

- the possibility to access quick commands while running ("need help" while chased, for example).

6th Dec 2015, 00:54
Another thing that hasn't been mention yet, is that you can mark through smoke (stuff you shouldn't be able to see as human). Just spam the key, and the aim assist on the tagging system tells you where to shoot. Once you've got a hit marker you can just blindly follow the health bar. This makes smoke even worse...

...Really seems like stuff they ought to have ironed out before releasing it. .-.