View Full Version : once and for all, is AOD for XP????

30th Jun 2002, 18:29
I have XP, and I keep hearing yes no yes no AOD is/is not going to work on XP, everything tr I have on my comp. (except for trflight patch) works on my comp, and I will be heartbroken if it doesn't work on XP. Can someone fill me in??? tanx in advance ;)

30th Jun 2002, 21:07
of course it will, it is stupid to think otherwise. :rolleyes:
every new game supports WinXP.
WinXP is a Microsoft based operating system
a compeny which will make a game that doesn't support WinXP will lose a lot of money. :D

30th Jun 2002, 22:08
good to hear!! thanx mayhem it seems like everyones having problems w/ tr on their xp's :)

1st Jul 2002, 07:50
Only with the old games...they are outdated technology.

1st Jul 2002, 12:33
I don't know... I have WindowsXP, too. But all new games support WinXP! So, I guess it will.

1st Jul 2002, 13:19
good to hear :cool:

1st Jul 2002, 14:19
I have no idea :confused:

3rd Jul 2002, 11:40
WTF? Of corse it will work on XP. MOST new games will run flawlessly on XP and most of the ones that wont will be patched. If it dont work on XP then thats just messed up!

3rd Jul 2002, 17:35
well, by now im positive it will work on xp, but i wasnt before, I feel really stupid :o dont worry people im sure it'll work ;)

8th Jul 2002, 17:32