View Full Version : Limited Edition Question

3rd Dec 2015, 02:11
Loved the game on PC, been waiting for a "Limited Edition" or a physical release of some kind to get the game on my PS4 as well.

I'm happy to spend an extra $10 on the fancy version, infact I'm about to click the pre-order button, I would love having the extras... but I'm pretty picky when it comes to my shelf of games. I don't want some bulky oblong-shaped eyesore sitting among my pool of normal blue plastic PS4 cases because I don't have anywhere else to put the disc.

The question, will the limited edition come with a "standard edition" case + the extras? Or will it have it's own, special case for actually holding the disc?

15th Dec 2015, 14:46
Sorry about the late reply, but here we go:

The game will be in a regular game case
The OST will be in a jewel case
The Artbook will be in a separate book.

Hope that helps!