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3rd Dec 2015, 00:56
remove the option to "Play with a Friend"
everybody to in equal conditions, not everyone has friend

top 2
win percentage of 92%
how defeat them ? when you play a single + distribution curves commands

(google translate:))

3rd Dec 2015, 02:24
I completely agree, League should only be a Solo event. I even played a few times against those two 'Pubstars' and every time my team was utterly destroyed. It was so bad that I'd get stuck in a CC chain (every game with them), where once you get hit with something, you were dead. Get caught by a sentinel? don't bother running, 2 other vamps are right behind you while the rest of your team is 30 foot away, useless.
92% win percentage? who in the hell even gets your percentage that high? not to mention, their stats for this league season are almost identical.
I've played this game for over 320 hours (and I'm not the best, but I do well). I expect a challenge in league, but fighting them was like hitting a brick wall with my fist. I had some serious concerns about them being 'legit' players, but I'll not name and shame here because I have no proof.

Onto actual league complaints, having a friend play with you in league is an unfair advantage for some because they may not have friends that play this game (myself included). The coordination gap between a team full of solo pubs VS a team with two teams of 2 (4 players paired, but in separate parties) is ridiculous.