View Full Version : [Xbox One] Geothermal Valley Documents 32/33

2nd Dec 2015, 18:49
"I seem to have come across a strange issue. In Geothermal Valley my map says 99% complete. In attempting to 100% geothermal valley, the last item I am missing is one document. I used youtube and checked every document in my list on tomb raider to see which one I was missing. I learned that my documents list doesnt show the "Attachements" document found in the "Conspiracy Theories" sub unit.

I remember for a 100% fact that i did grab this document during the mission where you investigate this area and stealth kill all of the trinity guys at night.

Regardless, I went to the location where I can find this document and according to my map it says I have this document, yet it doesnt show up in the game world. Under my region completion summary it says "Documents - 32/33" and in my doc files it doesnt show the "Attachments" document. This seems like a bug..."

My issue ocurred because i completed that document within a mission. My last remaining document was in the pit of judgement.