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13th Aug 2012, 20:40
Need help? Get support (https://support.eu.square-enix.com/contact.php?id=5421&la=2).

So I just got back from the midnight release of Sleeping Dogs in Kuwait, it's currently 4:30 AM and I'm kind of giving up hope on the game. I, like many other people I know who are also excited about Sleeping Dogs, own an SD TV. Now it appears that the game*does NOT*support standard definition. The game looks really, REALLY ugly. It's all stretched out, the black bars surrounding the game are bigger than the in-game footage and the text just hurts my eyes. I tried switching the resolution on my TV(Made it worse) and the PS3's resolution settings are set as 4:3. Every single game I own for the console doesn't have this kind of problem.

This really pains me because I have been anxiously waiting for the game to hit store shelves since it was announced and now tha I finally own it, I can't play it without my eyes burning and tearing up. Please, PLEASE, patch the game. Give us SD TV owners the choice to select the kind of resolution we want because I can't play the game in its current state. The only option present for adjusting display options is HUD and text related. Even with it set at max, it's still painful to look at.

Please consider a patch. Not everyone can afford new TVs. Thank you.*

15th Aug 2012, 01:46
i cant seem to log in the sleeping dogs forums. all the other ones are fine but on the sleeping dogs forums it says my info is wrong.

15th Aug 2012, 04:59
Yeah, same with mine. Hopefully it'll be fixed soon

15th Aug 2012, 21:40
I tried loggin into the sleeping dogs forum, and all the page does is refreash itself. I enter the correct info, click on "login" and the login firelds gets blanked and nothing else happens.

16th Aug 2012, 12:13
Just bought Sleeping Dogs 2 days ago, trying to register my copy, have searched this site for a while, and still can't figure out where to type in my serial code.

16th Aug 2012, 12:16
Here: na.square-enix.com/189997065 (http:///189997065) My Activities --> Game Registration na.square-enix.com/144969517/game/regist... (http:///144969517/game/registration)
Recommended thread: "General Questions and Help" na.square-enix.com/go/thread/view/139231... (http://na.square-enix.com/go/thread/view/139231/29308907/General_Questions_and_Help)

16th Aug 2012, 12:26
Here: na.square-enix.com/189997065 (/189997065) My Activities --> Game Registration na.square-enix.com/144969517/game/regist... (/144969517/game/registration)

Recommended thread: "General Questions and Help" na.square-enix.com/go/thread/view/139231... (/go/thread/view/139231/29308907/General_Questions_and_Help)

Ahh.. thanks that did it.

16th Aug 2012, 12:30
There is no need to thank me, I am simply glad my answer proved to be of help.

16th Aug 2012, 17:51
Right by the safehouse where the big set of stairs is from the road I crashed and I got thrown through a wall and got stuck. Only way out is to load previous save because as soon as you drop yourself into a hole in the map you respawn inside the wall.

16th Aug 2012, 20:23
I just created this account to tell square enix THANKS! I love Sleeping Dogs I hate that this game hasnt recieved the attention it deserves. Thanks for making another quality game.

20th Aug 2012, 00:11
i did notify square customer service. i am waiting for their response.

20th Aug 2012, 14:23
I just created this account to tell square enix THANKS! I love Sleeping Dogs I hate that this game hasnt recieved the attention it deserves. Thanks for making another quality game.

Hard for us to not be biased, but thanks for your kind words. I'm personally loving the game as well. Just beat the Triad missions this weekend.

Favorite quote in the game "Your ancestors want to disown you!"

7th Sep 2012, 05:30
I cant link my account of sleeping dogs to the my.sleepingdogs.net anyone can help me ?????

7th Sep 2012, 06:31
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7th Sep 2012, 06:36
I would like to remind you that there is a search function in the upper right corner of this page. It can't be overused.

You can continue your discussion in the following forums:
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7th Sep 2012, 06:43
k tanks guys

7th Sep 2012, 07:01
It might not be of much help though (I didn't see any solution in the threads I linked to).

5th Oct 2012, 21:34
Hey there I made it to a point in the game where I happened to have the Russian immigrant kidnapper case as well as Ilyana's date mission both available. I tried to enter the door to K-Bar (in that alley with the glitchey area you can jump up on and see through the level as well as walk throug h objects) as I have seen in walkthroughs I checked to see if I was doing something wrong but the door won't open, leaving me unable to complete these two missions. Is this truly a glitch like I'm thinking and I'll just have replay everything up to that point again and see if it works or am I missing something?

6th Oct 2012, 02:52
Thank you so much Square Enix for bringing Sleeping Dogs to the OnLive service! The games amazing. I imagine you might not be making a big amount of extra money from having the game on the service but i cant tell you how thankful i am that you have supported the service in the past and have done so again with Sleeping Dogs.

It was just put up on the service a few days ago and ive already got just about 60 hours played on it. =) Im on my second playthrough of the campaign and plan to 100% the side stuff if i dont get sidetracked by doing a third playthrough first. lol

I know the OnLive service currently isnt for everybody but for me it runs beautifully and the service has had me excited and pleased for going on 2 years now. Its amazing. =)

Thank you again for allowing me to play this incredible game on that incredible service.

If anybodys interested my facebook wall for the past few days has been almost completely full of 10 second Brag Clips of Sleeping Dogs gameplay that are fun, funny, cool and exciting =p if you want check them out:
www.facebook.com/germaximus.supremus (https://www.facebook.com/germaximus.supremus)

6th Oct 2012, 18:49
Hey there I made it to a point in the game where I happened to have the Russian immigrant kidnapper case as well as Ilyana's date mission both available. I tried to enter the door to K-Bar (in that alley with the glitchey area you can jump up on and see through the level as well as walk throug h objects) as I have seen in walkthroughs I checked to see if I was doing something wrong but the door won't open, leaving me unable to complete these two missions. Is this truly a glitch like I'm thinking and I'll just have replay everything up to that point again and see if it works or am I missing something?

10th Oct 2012, 12:29
Sweet, thanks! Thats just what I needed to know!

10th Oct 2012, 12:36
Im at the point where both the Make Ilyana Sweat mission and the kidnapper case lead 1 mission prompts are available but am unable to enter the door to the K Bar that situated in the alleyway (where you can run up the wall to the glitchey see through the level area above). Was wondering if the game is simply locking me out because it cant recognize both missions as only thr kidnapper blue dragon icon prompt shows up at the doorway and not the yellow dragon icon at the KBar door. Regardless the door wont open and wondered if any solution was known

18th Oct 2012, 17:10

Is it at all possible we may get the DLC on the service?

24th Oct 2012, 05:55
Hi there i wanted to know why dont u guys make an expansion of this game instead of making a zombie game..This game was awesome untill u guys took out a irrealist DLC u should have been made a new expasion playing with some1 else not wei shen a whole new game.putting customazacions for cars,learn diferent styles of martial arts,new cars bikes etc, This is TRUE CRIME 3 not Dead Island..
This game should rock is this was implanted. This was supposed to be taking out the triads but at the end they still making buisness so theres isnt an ending..

25th Nov 2012, 19:29
Just wanted to say how GREAT of a game Sleeping Dogs was!!!

28th Dec 2012, 15:15
1. How do I get rid of the mouse cursor when using a controller? why is it on the screen?

2. Is there an english addon pack? many parts they speak asian and I dont know what they are saying, maybe it doesnt matter or is not important since it is not in english but it would be nice. Other parts they speak english, is there a way to stop it from switching from asian to english and just have them speak english?

3. Why when I hit esc or back it bring up this menu with all these options, but none to quit to desktop? Who thought that was a good idea? Id love to know why there is no way to quit the game but when I go to the menu in game it vomits like 12 options but none to quit. Thought Square made games before because not having a quit option but 10 others there shows a lack of experience in game design from project leads.

4. Why do you play as a snitch? didnt anyone think it was a bad idea to play as such a dishonourable person? (snitches get stitches)

5. Why does a soda cost 30$? is that problem in asia that soda is so expensive? I have been to china and taiwan and never had to pay 30$ for a soda.

6. The hardcore gangster thugs where fanny packs, I have NEVER seen a thug or gangster who wore what old people wear like fanny packs, what is next will there be dlc that takes place in a reitrement community like Boca Raton?

7. Why during the races if I fall off the bike the race is failed but all the other racers fall off constantly and get back up. this game cheats, bottom line I dont like it, worst game design I have ever seen in a square title, Id fire everyone who was a lead on this.

28th Dec 2012, 15:41
[SQUARE ENIX Support Center - SLEEPING DOGS] support.na.square-enix.com/main.php?id=5... (http://support.na.square-enix.com/main.php?id=5441&la=1&SQEXSC=jg8n0qjcfc2ivb2doa4pkf44t2)

19th Jan 2013, 23:34
Please fix this ASAP, cars that you owned and you want different painting to it, you do get it but the main problem is it won't save, even when you call your car valet, he still brings you the original painting of your car.

20th Jan 2013, 02:46
Report your issue to [Customer Service] support.na.square-enix.com/contact.php?i... (https://support.na.square-enix.com/contact.php?id=5441&la=1)

21st Feb 2013, 18:39
Hi Im from El Salvador and I have a cousin in Spain wich is a PSN Plus Member's and he gave his account to download Sleeping Dogs because in Europe it is free for all subscribers, then download it and start playing, I love the game a lot and I bought the DLC Nightmare in North Point but I CANT find the pack in the game, so my question is I paid for a product that I cant play ???????

22nd Feb 2013, 02:01
Contact [Sleeping Dogs*Customer Service] support.na.square-enix.com/contacttop.ph... (http://support.na.square-enix.com/contacttop.php?id=5441&la=1)

13th Mar 2013, 22:43
Sleeping Dogs: Year of the Snake Available Now (http://na.square-enix.com/sleepingdogs/go/article/view/blog/261793/sleeping_dogs:_year_of_the_snake_available_now)

New Sleeping Dogs Year of the Snake story content (http://eu.square-enix.com/en/blog/new-sleeping-dogs-year-snake-story-content)

14th Mar 2013, 17:09
System Specs:
Intel core i7
16BG Ram
AMD Radeon HD 700 Series
Windows 7 premium 64-Bit
power supply HX850

Downloaded Sleeping dogs 2 days ago, and then clicked run via steam. I get a white screen initially then loads to a black full screen (which shows all the developers and people responsible for making the game) at this point the game just quits. I get no error messages at all. I have made sure direct X was updated and made sure my graphics card drivers were fully updated. I have validated game files. I have also viewed many responses from the community and tried re installing some of the files. I have it set to run as administrator as well and tried not running as administrator. I have checked to make sure that my firewall is not blocking it. All my other games run fine and have no issues in steam. I have also unistalled and re installed 2 different times. Still get the same problem. Can anyone lead me into the right direction?

15th Mar 2013, 03:34
[Sleeping Dogs Customer Service] support.na.square-enix.com/contacttop.ph... (http://support.na.square-enix.com/contacttop.php?id=5441&la=1)

19th Mar 2013, 14:06
So I have just completed the main story of sleeping dogs and decided to go back and do all the other side quests and events, remembering I failed a hit and run event I decide to look for it in the same spot thinking it would be replayable, to me surprise it wasn't there. After hours of completing races, looking for collectibles and buying everything else, and finishing other open world events, I decide to go back to this same location to hopefully and finally get my 1000P or Platinum trophy for you PS3 users. Upon arriving again to the destination I am supposed to find this open world event it does not show up, so I research on the internet only to find out that people have had similar problems where they can't replay open world events that were failed, others reported they could replay failed open world events, so I ask you square enix as a long time supporter of your video games to please fix this if it is a bug, as I do not have the time to be replaying this game.

19th Mar 2013, 18:58
Submit a report of your issue to [Sleeping Dogs Customer Service] support.na.square-enix.com/contacttop.ph... (http://support.na.square-enix.com/contacttop.php?id=5441&la=1)

30th Mar 2013, 03:23
I'm not sure what is going on, but I can not join/log into my account for the Sleeping Dogs forums. It asks me for my SE account, but it doesn't allow me to log in even though all the information I put in is correct.

I'm hoping that this can get fixed.

30th Mar 2013, 05:07
Report your issue to [Sleeping Dogs*Customer Service] support.na.square-enix.com/contacttop.ph... (http://support.na.square-enix.com/contacttop.php?id=5441&la=1)

17th Apr 2013, 10:36
Can you beat the new Sleeping Dogs Challenges? (http://eu.square-enix.com/en/blog/can-you-beat-new-sleeping-dogs-challenges)

11th May 2013, 03:53
Title says it all only wished to share the information if it was not already known. Probably the most rewarding release to the instant game collection to date.

18th May 2013, 13:12
I opened every lock box, but never got the mr. Black suit. That`s where it is too, because i saw it on youtube. That same box is already opened on my save. It`s the xbox version, and my gamertag is Inventor777

19th May 2013, 01:58
Submit a report of your issue to [Sleeping Dogs Customer Service] support.na.square-enix.com/contacttop.ph... (http://support.na.square-enix.com/contacttop.php?id=5441&la=1)

1st Jun 2013, 20:39
Hi, my name is Leonardo im from Argentina and my main Language is Spanish. I own a NTSC-U Xbox360 console and im looking for purchase Sleeping Dogs but i dont know for sure if there are any version with subs in spanish. I heard the version NTSC-U come with subs in spanish, but on mostly e-stores the game on the info is listed only with subs in english, dont mention about Spanish subtitles. There are 2 versions NTSC-U? or the NTSC-U come with english and spanish subs? Can someone tellme?

Thanks a lot.

2nd Jun 2013, 04:13
[Sleeping Dogs Customer Support] support.na.square-enix.com/contact.php?i... (https://support.na.square-enix.com/contact.php?id=5441&la=1)

2nd Jun 2013, 05:13

13th Aug 2013, 10:23
Hello All i have the pc game sleeping dogs and i have completed the main story of the game but in stats in the game menu it still says in there i have unfinished parts to do at first there was a contact in my phone on game to collect cars for someone where you get alot of money but now they have ended the parts i have missing are

Events Completed 25 out of 28

Jobs Completed 26 out of 30

Missions Completed 30 out of 30

then i have been trying to find all of the clothing i have gone round all the stores on the map and got everythink but still missing

5 tops what are / Hog Pen Row / Mr.Black / Manhatton Melee / Shem Zen / The Bon Gak

now the only places i have on my map now are the gold shields what i think are continue missions what dont end

so can someone please help me out on this as i would like to complete the hole game but i dont have any contacts in my phone now

thank you from Neil

13th Aug 2013, 14:33
Hog Pen Row/ Mr. Black ect. are outfits which you can find in your wardrob

I think events and jobs are things like Street Racing, favor's, date's and stuff like that.

The cloths can also be found in the lockbox's which are located many places in Hong Kong

14th Oct 2013, 19:36
Hi guys I need help with this trophy.
I don't have idea how can I fix the issue.
Thanks in advance:wave:

8th Dec 2013, 06:35
hie i just brought sleeping Dogs on Steam
when i start new game...... Game crushes on the new game loading screen and when forced to shut down via task manager
it says ''not responding"
the thing is i doesnt load forever like in some other cases,mine feezes
can you help me please ?
need to play sleeping dogs or my money wasted :(

14th Jan 2014, 13:33
Xbox Live Gold Members can pick up Sleeping Dogs for free (http://marketplace.xbox.com/en-GB/Product/Sleeping-Dogs/66acd000-77fe-1000-9115-d80253510811?DownloadType=Game#LiveZone)
― but only for one more day!

25th Jan 2014, 01:35
I Just downloaded This excellent title off Xbox live last week. Love it so far. Far better than GTA. Very surprised that this game hasn't received more attention. I do have a stupid question that I cant seem to find an answer to: While playing a mish, I seemed to have frightened a bystander out of his shopping bag. He dropped it in the street as I almost hit him. It was a live object so I picked it up. What do I do with it now? Can I fence it somewhere? Can I put it in a lock-box. Leave it in my apt? Sorry, I am new, but cant find anything about shopping bags.

26th Mar 2014, 13:58
I recently bought the game and there pamphlet that came with it referenced a "complete" manual at a square-enix site but that link was broken.

I understand it wasn't a huge seller...BUT...it's rated pretty well on Amazon AND it's only 2 years old. How is it that I am unable to find the manual for this game on the Square-Enix site?

I've had my eye on several games made by this company: Tomb Raider, Thief, FF but if this is an example of the support SE puts into their products, I'm going to have to reconsider.

29th Mar 2014, 02:18
Probably had no traffic so they closed it, or it's just a broken link and no one bothered to bring it back. Gaming companies don't keep the websites for games up forever. This is not new. Try contacting SE directly via email.

You can also use gamefaqs if you need guidance in the game.

29th Mar 2014, 05:14
It's only 2 years old. It's still being sold. The manual (which I eventually found on a file sharing site of all places) is only a couple of MBs in size...not exactly server loading. Oh and when I tried emailing SE support? Got the so-sorry-but-thanks-for-letting-us-know brush off.

It doesn't speak well for the company.

31st Mar 2014, 00:04
Good luck getting good service when your name is SQesucks. It doesn't speak well for you as a user either. It's also a big deal and effort for a 2 year old free manual. Most games don't even bother to offer one at all... Gamefaqs is your best friend if you're stuck anyway. Platinumed the game without having to use it...

31st Mar 2014, 14:47
LOL - yeah I wasn't looking to build a long term relationship with Square-Enix. It wasn't like I was stuck, I just wanted the "complete" manual (again, advertised in the pamphlet that came with the game) to fill in the gaps of the controls, et al. And you're right about game manuals in general - sad actually. The really sad thing is that Sleeping Dogs is actually a very good game - it's got great voice acting by some pretty big name actors - but it seems like SQe hardly acknowledges it exists.

Oh well, like I said, I found the manual on another site and have thus far been enjoying the game itself. Not holding my breath for a sequel though.

Edit - when I think about it a lot of my frustration came from fruitlessly searching the SQe website, not finding a download page, finding broken links, having to register to ask questions, etc, etc. It would have been far less aggravating if they'd just created a page saying, "We're not supporting this game anymore" which would have caused me to look elsewhere from the gitgo. They have to realize that if they advertise a "complete" game manual in their game, people are going to go looking for it (if nothing else than to see what it contains) and will likely get frustrated when they don't find it. Again, I would totally get it if we were discussing Baldur's Gate I or Silent Hunter or some other decades old game.

10th May 2014, 01:17
This was a truly great game, I can't wait for the second one.

22nd Jun 2014, 18:11
The Steam Summer Sale strikes again!
― Get 80% off Sleeping Dogs (https://twitter.com/SquareEnix/status/480768961642905600) for the next 8 hours!

11th Jul 2014, 12:32
What an amazing game. Please i hope you're making the second one. It was better than GTA4. I loved it so much i bought on two platforms.

8th Aug 2014, 18:42
Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition confirmed (http://eu.square-enix.com/en/blog/sleeping-dogs-definitive-edition-confirmed)!
- Today we are delighted to officially confirm that Sleeping Dogs is coming to the new generation of consoles. Enter: Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition!

2nd Sep 2014, 17:58
Announcing two Square Enix Triple Packs (http://eu.square-enix.com/en/blog/announcing-two-square-enix-triple-packs)!
- We'll be releasing two Ultimate Triple Pack game collections for Xbox 360 and PS3 on October 31, 2014!

25th Sep 2014, 13:41
We're at EGX (http://eu.square-enix.com/en/blog/were-egx-are-you)! Are you?
- We'll be there from today (Thursday) till Sunday with all sorts of awesome games, so be sure to drop by Zone 10, say hello, play whatever takes your fancy and maybe even grab some free swag!

26th Sep 2014, 05:39
Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition Trailer Highlights Visual Improvements (http://www.siliconera.com/2014/09/25/sleeping-dogs-definitive-edition-trailer-highlights-visual-improvements/) (Siliconera)
- Square Enix have released a trailer for the HD Remastered version of Sleeping Dogs.

2nd Oct 2014, 10:01
Pre-order Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition (http://eu.square-enix.com/en/blog/pre-order-sleeping-dogs-definitive-edition-now) now!
- As of today, you can pre-purchase/pre-order the game via each of its respective platform websites.

10th Oct 2014, 11:40
Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition out now (http://eu.square-enix.com/en/blog/sleeping-dogs-definitive-edition-out-now)!
Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition launches today on PS4, Xbox One and PC (Steam) - woohoo! Want a shiny new launch trailer? Alright then, here you go (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hI9xkaPibxk)!

10th Oct 2014, 15:32
So i bought the definitive edition on ps4 digital ... and am sorry to say that it is broken as hell , I find myself pressing 15 times on triangle to enter a car sometimes, pressing L3 multiple times before my next objective even comes up, cops and gangsters are able to shoot through walls and cover, the bikes drive like they are on ice, and the game keeps crashing on me ..
i bought the ps3 version when it came out and had none of these problems . so why is this ps4 version not working as it should be ... for the pricetag of 60 € i thought i would have a Playable game .. if you want to rerelease games plz make sure that they work before asking money for it .. i'm a big Square fan and almost bought all of the square games but this one .... wow ... never had such a bad gaming experience in my life and i loved sleeping dogs back in 2012.. hoping these issues get fixed real soon.

13th Oct 2014, 18:19
OLD DOG, NO NEW TRICKS (http://uk.ign.com/articles/2014/10/08/sleeping-dogs-definitive-edition-review)
- IGN gave the Definitive Edition an 8.5 for its story, characters, combat and city.

14th Oct 2014, 20:45
Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition out now in North America (http://na.square-enix.com/us/blog/sleeping-dogs-definitive-edition-out-now-north-america)!
- Happy launch day everyone! Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition launches today on PS4, Xbox One and PC (Steam) - woohoo!

15th Oct 2014, 03:41
I'm loving Sleeping Dogs, owned it on 360, just got Definitive at launch today (preordered)! Had a couple of issues:

1. I went to SleepingDogs.net and when I go to Career, it tells me my account isn't linked to my console account. I followed the instructions, but my Xbox Live account definitely is linked, so I'm not sure why the site doesn't recognize that.

2. When I went to Challenges, I searched for my profile & found it, but when I clicked it, it says "THIS PROFILE IS PRIVATE." I went to my profile & looked at all settings, but can't see where to make my profile public. Help? And could the private profile be causing the issue in #1?

3. I went to register the game (add it to my profile) but the instructions say I need to enter the registration number from the manual or insert card that came with the game. Problem is, I got the digital edition, so, I don't have a number to enter.

4. Finally, and this is more "glitch" related, but today when I played, there were car crashes EVERYWHERE. Like, every time I slowed down to go around a corner, I heard cars elsewhere crashing. In the first mission when I picked up my motorcycle, I heard maybe 4 crashes, which seems like a lot compared to what I remember from the 360 version. There might be something that needs to be patched in the Driver AI for the Definitive remastered edition?

Thanks for your help, I know this was a long post!

15th Oct 2014, 04:19
Customer support (http://support.na.square-enix.com/contacttop.php?id=5441&la=1) should be able to help you out.

15th Oct 2014, 10:46

i want to buy the Game (US Version), but i need to know if it possible to change the subtitles to German?

Can someone help me?


15th Oct 2014, 15:01
Thanks for the contact link! I thought they would be able to help too, which is why I originally posted this in the Customer Support forum, but someone moved it to General Discussion, which didn't make a heck of a lot of sense to me.

At any rate, I've emailed them, so thanks for your help!

15th Oct 2014, 16:10
To General Discussion, huh? I certainly agree - it must have been some kind of mistake. I always tend to merge all new threads about Sleeping Dogs with this one since, unfortunately, the Customer Support forum has been understaffed for a while.

I don't think the NA version of the game will allow you to set the subtitles to German, Italia2202, but contact customer support (http://support.eu.square-enix.com/contacttop.php?id=5421&la=2) just in case. They should be able to give you definite answer.

15th Oct 2014, 23:06
I would like to ask why Square Enix is making a difference between german Steam-users and german Console-users when it comes to laws?


23rd Oct 2014, 14:22
I need help!!

I have Sleeping Dogs on PS4. After completing the game to 100% (everything is done, I am 100% certain.), the 'Chief Inspector' trophy is not popping.

I have replayed the martial arts clubs as suggested on various sites, but nothing is working. Therefore my SD platinum is unattainable. I am gutted after playing it 3 times already. I'm not at all happy that bugs weren't removed before porting this game.

Anyone had the same problem?

7th Nov 2014, 20:50
I finished all cops and Teng's mission but I only unlocked the Ghost car and CB Radio for the safehouse...

But where is the outfit? Somebody please advise.

29th Nov 2014, 02:26
What's that? Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition is currently 66% off on Steam (https://twitter.com/sleepingdogs/status/538392250129350656/photo/1)?

12th Dec 2014, 00:39
I bought sleeping dogs today and when I entered the disk for the first time, it just goes to a black screen and just says there,
No title menu, no nothing. I waited for 30 minutes, and turned off the system and retried it, but same thing.
This is for PS3 btw.
My tv is a bit old, but all my other games showed at least an installation screen, or something.
It says it supports 480 p
I don't have Internet connection in my house, is that the problem?
I really want to play this game!

14th Jan 2015, 21:12
just bought Sleeping Dogs definitive edition for Xbox one have perfect internet connection everything else works except social hub nothing online about fixing this can I get some help

20th Feb 2015, 15:35
When I try to start Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition I get a message that the game is not available in my country. I bought the game in the UK when I lived there for studying. I came back to Germany where I am from last week and tried to start the game as normal from my steam library and I get the described error above. Now I had read in the internet that there is a geolock for this game in Germany? I mean, are you kidding me??? I almost finished the game when I was in the UK and now I can`t play it anymore. Please remove the geolock or I want my MONEY back. I have paid good money for your game and there was no information about any region lock on the packing. This I against the law. I am over 18 and allowed to play the game I have paid for.

Thank you!

11th Mar 2015, 16:46
Deals and Sales

Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition on PS4 is the Deal of the Week on the PlayStation Store (https://twitter.com/PlayStationUK/status/575677807294038016/photo/1)!

17th Apr 2015, 09:41
Triad Wars

Review (http://www.siliconera.com/2015/04/16/triad-wars-fun-sleeping-dogs-not-sequel-wanted/) (Siliconera)
- Triad Wars Has The Fun Of Sleeping Dogs, But It’s Not The Sequel I Wanted

30th Jul 2015, 11:25
Triad Wars

Triad Wars: Watch this Raid turn into a Crazy Police Chase (http://www.ign.com/videos/2015/07/23/triad-wars-watch-this-raid-turn-into-a-crazy-police-chase)
- The IGN crew plays Triad Wars in an IGN Plays Live session and things got out of hand quickly

6th Jan 2016, 21:12
I finished all cops and Teng's mission but I only unlocked the Ghost car and CB Radio for the safehouse...

But where is the outfit? Somebody please advise.

Are you sure it isn't in your wardrobe under "Preset Outfits"? That's where mine was. Plainclothes outfit, right?