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1st Jun 2012, 16:31
This is a title that I originally heard about through the Japanese Square Enix website. The story is originally a collaboration between Studio BONES and the comic creator Stan Lee, and adapted into manga form by artist Tamon Ohta.

The story follows Joey Jones, an American schoolkid living with his grandmother, and his discovery of a discarded, broken toy known as a HEYBO. Joey repairs the toy and names it Heroman. A freak lightning storm charges the toy with energy, causing it to transform into a sentient robot! The two are forced to team up to battle an invading insect-like alien race.

I only have the first volume in Japanese, but I like the series so far! Hopefully I can find more of them soon.

1st Jun 2012, 16:53
I am having problems trying to get ti to give me my old ID, I have FF XIII registered and it keeps saying my E-mail doesnt exist, and I want my FF XIII to be registered to this account now.

2nd Jun 2012, 14:19
Let's keep to HEROMAN discussion in the future, but I'll answer this once. There's bug and customer service forums dedicated to this sort of thing.

As it is, the game is already registered to one account. Since the code is used, you shouldn't be able to use it again.

Now, back to our manga discussion programming! I hope.

18th Jul 2012, 07:30
Um, how do I get......rewards ? Yeah right.

I have an actual 'reward'. In other words, good news about the Heroman manga. It is available for pre order.

I never like to say that a series won't get the localization treatment, because you never know. I had my doubts about this one, but apparently I missed the news that Vertical picked up the rights to this one.

27th Jul 2012, 22:52
Just noticed that crunchyroll is streaming the anime for this. Might give this a look later on but have way too much stuff in the to watch pile already. Have taken it upon myself to watch every single stinkin' episode of One Piece since I have been ordering figures for it.

Heroman looks promising but don't know much about it...yet.

*adds to pile*

*sigh* T_T