View Full Version : Soft Wood didn't appear in Lost Valley, leading up to the first trebuchet

2nd Dec 2015, 06:10
Playing on: Xbox One
During: Campaign.
Chapter: Lost City (just entered it)
First time playing. Have not completed the Campaign

In the Lost City, there is suppose to be some soft wood that you can shot Broad Arrows into, leading up to the first trebuchet. In my game, the soft never appeared, making it impossible to get to it. I have tried loading a backup save, but the soft wood still will not spawn. I've attached a picture showing where the wood should be, but is not there.


5th Dec 2015, 23:44
I am having this same issue. Has there been a resolution?

5th Dec 2015, 23:53
I am having this same issue. Has there been a resolution?

6th Jan 2016, 23:39
I am also having the same problem! Has anyone figured this out yet? I am a completionist so this is super annoying.

6th Jan 2016, 23:54
You need to approach the gate to the next area, at which point the gate will be shut and the deathless soldiers will attack, they will start firing the trebuchet at you which will cause damage to the wall and reveal the soft wood.

Only after that event is triggered can you climb up to the trebuchet.

7th Jan 2016, 00:10
Awesome, thank you!