View Full Version : game break bug @ research base

1st Dec 2015, 22:30
I was returning to the area where you zip-line on the cable car system before rescuing jonah i have already been to this area and completed the qt event sequence i had just left the campsite after the new discovery of it to go and finish all my previous areas to 100% it was on this return when I fell off the cable car that is side by side with the qt event in the shack,when the game respawned me it place me in the shack which has no way out because all of the qt event sections are broken away,ive spent a lot of time trying to glitch through super jump grenade jump crash console etc.etc.Total bummer because I was at 72% with 100% completion in all previous areas. I have started a new game I am now at 43% and i have been using my 3rd save spot sorta like a ultra slow F7 button at campsites just in case.