View Full Version : Pit of Judgment - cannot progress (PLEASE HELP/glitch?)

1st Dec 2015, 19:51
I am really hoping someone can help me... I am playing RotTR on Xbox One and made the ill-advised decision to jump off the second platform (leading up to the second mine cart) in the optional tomb The Pit of Judgment to further explore the Tomb before I completed it.

Now, I cannot for the life of me see a way of getting back up to the platform -- all I can do is leave the Tomb, leaving it incomplete. The gap is too large to jump the broken mine cart rail platform (it disintegrated when the first mine cart was released), and Lara cannot climb any of the pillars. The only direction is back out... Is this a glitch? Did I lose the inability to finish this Tomb because of my incessant need to explore? This is so frustrating!

Please help!

1st Dec 2015, 20:15
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