View Full Version : Flooded Archives Coin Caches in Campaign Won't Spawn

1st Dec 2015, 19:08
I have found all of the collectible items in the game and have completed the story, however the three available coin caches will not appear in their locations in the Flooded Archives area, only allowing me to complete 98% of the game. I have tried to go back to it numerous times, from different save points and different Campfires, and at different progression points throughout the game as I have been playing, and to no avail. I thought that maybe the glitch would be fixed if I completed the campaign and went back, but still no coin caches. Help!

3rd Dec 2015, 19:31
you have every monolith? weird. Have you tried using game guides online to find the location then just mash x where its supposed to be?

You probably have but idk just a thought