View Full Version : Acropolis breaking bug -- last document underground

1st Dec 2015, 07:07
After finishing the story of Acropolis, the next target is to find the entrance of the Cathedral. At this time I go back to Acropolis's last battle field to get the last one document and coin underground. After Lara jumped to the lower area, she accidentally pass the door without unlocked it. So here after I collected the last document and coin, I cannot to back to the ground since the door is locked!

1st Dec 2015, 11:39
you head down the water/sewer type part and theres a hole in the wall on the right

2nd Dec 2015, 03:54
What I mean is I cannot climb up to ground since the door is locked. That door need to be unlocked when you jump into underground, then you can access to document and coin. The bug I met is Lara passed that door without unlocking it. So the door keeps locked and cannot be opened from the other side, thus Lara was stucked in this underground area.