View Full Version : Final Fantasy 7/8 Steam (NOT) Big Picture Friendly

29th Nov 2015, 19:07
Not sure if posting here is helpful in anyway. But it'd be great if both FF7 and FF8, which have a mouse only launcher and a keyboard only enter prompt (X at start) would be updated in some way to allow full controller support. Is there any way to get SE to look into adding this? It'd be be great if you could launch and run the game completely with a gamepad. Steam big picture is really taking off, and full gamepad support is certainly a new selling point for a lot of people that run Steam from their living room couch.

Similarly, the launcher doesn't close when the game is exited (true I think for all the steam FF games with a launcher. This can be bypassed by forcing the application shut with the exit game option in the Steam overlay... but this feels like a bad solution.

At the end of the day, I guess all I'm asking for is better big picture, gamepad only, support.