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26th Nov 2015, 15:46
First playthrough 98% complete (Tomb Raider difficulty) played on the Xbox 360

- It expanded on a lot of the shortcomings of TR2013

- More tombs, more exploration, and more solitary moments

Overall it was a satisfying and rewarding Tomb Raider experience and the story was good too, with it definitely being my Game of the Year 2015 :)

Having said that, there are issues I'd like to see changed in the sequel.


While I appreciated the complexity of some of the puzzles, most did rely too much on the rope pull or weighted elements (even outside tombs). Using brand new ropes in an ancient tomb takes away some of the realism.
I also don't think the ancient people who built the tombs would appreciate them being partially destroyed (gates, walls) etc.
As was the case in TR2103 all tombs led to the same 'reveal to get reward', and I'd like to see that changed in the sequel.
i.e. have a large tomb that requires parts / artifacts / keys etc. from the smaller tombs would at least do away with the repetitive nature.
Also don't make them optional as no one in their right mind is going to skip them - after all it's a Tomb raider game, so make them BIGGER and use physics based as well as enviromental puzzles.

And finally. there was a particular collectible VERY hidden in one of the tombs. I want more of those VERY hidden areas :)

Other minor niggles:

Survival Instinct should be separated from the ability to use Waypoints.
Survival Instinct makes EVERYTHING you can interact with glow (I disabled it).
Waypoints just shows you which direction to go (I couldn't use them).

A minimap might be handy too.

And finally I missed Lara's TR2013 Scream :(


26th Nov 2015, 16:03
I agree with most of what you are saying. Not too fussed about a minimap though. I like the uncluttered screen.

26th Nov 2015, 16:11
I agree with most of what you are saying. Not too fussed about a minimap though. I like the uncluttered screen.

It could be enabled/disabled in the options for those who don't want it, but I would prefer the Waypoint marker to be separate.

26th Nov 2015, 16:18
It could be enabled/disabled in the options for those who don't want it, but I would prefer the Waypoint marker to be separate.

Yeah I definitely agree with that.

26th Nov 2015, 18:31
You posted just make me think about the "nested" puzzles - Where were they? I had imagined (for example) a large door that needed a key, but to get that key you needed to break a wall with a mine cart, but you can only do that when you have a crank and some oil
(idk) but both of these are rewards in two totally separate puzzles (perhaps in different tombs).

I feel like a lot of the puzzles were, do this, no that was wrong, you have to do this first, then that, yeah done. I mean, they were certainly improvements over TR9s tombs/puzzles, (and some of them were just urggh so pretty) but still too easy to complete?

26th Nov 2015, 22:53
Yes they were quite simplistic and you just knew that the rope pull mechanic was necessary when ever you saw the white rope coiled around movable objects (which were the majority of them).

The nested puzzles you describe is exactly what I mean and are sorely missed.

CD should take a bit of a risk

I mean we have Survival Instinct option to guide the player, we have Lara giving suggestions and when something is done correctly she'll confirm it.
I don't mind Lara muttering things while doing a puzzle but make them at least challenging which don't take on average 5 minutes to figure out.

Also I neglected to mention - there needs to be more trap variations.
Thanks for providing the traps we did encounter but they were far too few.
I died more times from failing a jump than from a trap.


26th Nov 2015, 23:14
Another aspect of the survival instinct was that sometimes I wanted to use it as a hint to point me in the right direction, but Lara would then say something that gave it away, like "I need to pull that lever" so the Survival Instinct is an all or nothing option.

4th Dec 2015, 09:46
Wrote a review and it got lost -.-.

I loved RotTR, but this ending...Instead of giving us a great tomb with mind******* puzzles it's just a stupid shootout again. Just why??? It was SO bad. My second hope is that they will go with ancient enemies not again some lame organization. Happened to often in the franchise. Third: Please don't do so much wildlife, I was thinking about Egypt again, you could just include the Open World feature inside an ancient city instead of the dichotomy between wild life and tombs. The epic moments like the big room with the prophet's statue and the mosaic just went lost in the wild. Forth: Include real swimming with diving and puzzles under water. Tombs are still not challenging enough, more traps, longer chains of puzzles. Also the mainstory lives mostly without any puzzles and it's more action based. A bit lame.

Nitpicking: Didn't like Laras face that much, puppy dog eyes and no womanly cheeks. If you don't use Survival Instinkt don't mention it in every corner with these big, ugly hints popping up on the screen.

Most of the other points have been a great step forward. But still some room to improve.

Btw: The "uncluttered screen" was awesome. Don't change that please.

11th Dec 2015, 14:04
It could be enabled/disabled in the options for those who don't want it, but I would prefer the Waypoint marker to be separate.

Just seen options in the menu for survival instinct where you can enable/disable waypoints and/or glowing objects. Must try it out,

3rd Jan 2016, 14:40
it is nice to see the Tomb Raiders Franchise still alive an well today. speaking of wishlist. after muddling through several games with the multi player options, it coms to my mind if it aint broke don't fix it. Ghost Recon 2 was my favorite multiplayer. complete with the headsets n teamwork .. doing fixed missions together in a sequenced order to save the planet from the Monstrous General with the Nukes. It would be wonderful for folks in the Season Pass to be given the opportunity to finally meet together online to play missions.. where each person was able to play their own unique character .. .. working like the force on starwars in a united effort to defeat trinity.
haha.. just sayin. throw it up on the wall an see what sticks!

16th Jan 2016, 18:08
I love easy tombs it helps me enjoy the game.the 1998 version was frustrating and graphics were terrible on my computer
The version is an upgrade for sure better storytelling and cool animals thanks for bringing Lara back and making her cool and sofistcated
Every my mom likes her now not superficial 1998