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26th Nov 2015, 14:52
Looking for a new challenge in Hitman: Sniper? Starting today, you can compete in the Hitman: Sniper 15th Anniversary Tournament.


And for the occasion, we’re having a 60% OFF sale on the game! If you or your friends were still on the fence, it’s the perfect time to jump in on iOS or Android.

Each week, your sniping skills will be challenged in different ways to determine who is the best Agent 47. The best of the best will be rewarded with great prizes:an iPad Air 2, a PS4 pre-order copy of the upcoming Hitman and an exclusive dev team hoodie and backpack.

It’s pretty easy to participate, complete your weekly sniping run while using the specific rifle and completing the weekly challenge then post your integral replay to Everyplay. Once every round ends, we will tally up the scores and you get points depending on your ranking. That basically means that if you don’t do well in the first round, you’re not out of the tournament. For complete instructions and terms and conditions, head on over to the official Hitman: Sniper website.

The score limit on the game keeps being pushed by incredible players like HerryCollar463 on Everyplay who has mastered the game like no-one else. You can see his great replay here:

Make your shots count agents!

28th Nov 2015, 03:17
Cool, sounds good, just hope I can get enough time to play and have a go of it properly around work as it's crazy busy this time of year !!

!! Thanks for the Info !!

9th Dec 2015, 08:52
I'm doing OK in the tournament... Maybe. I guess. Whatever.

(captain 4pollo)