View Full Version : Player growth [CM16]

26th Nov 2015, 14:41
Hi guys, I want to buy very young player and make star from him, so I have one question: Is player growth affected by amount of matches he play in season? Thanks for replies and I wish you many succesful matches ;)

7th Dec 2015, 23:42
It depends on PA aswell, if the player has very low PA then he might not turn into a star but if he is very young then you should start by loaning him out and that will give you an insight to if you think the player will become a good player or not, also have a look at his stamina if its very low then don't risk him the full 90 mins.

10th Dec 2015, 18:14
Craig pointed out some key things, but just further confirm: Player growth is not affected by the amount of matches they play in a season. Hope that helps!

10th Dec 2015, 19:25
Yes, it helps. Thank you both, guys :D.