View Full Version : Guessing there's Nothing New for us before Xmas then !?!?

26th Nov 2015, 03:07
As the title says, I'm guessing we're not going to get any new content to play over the festive season, seeing as there's been no life on here for AGES now as well !?!?

It's a shame, because I love the game but I've pretty much stopped playing it now as I'm bored from playing the same scenario over and over and over, with nothing to spend my in-game cash on either (which I keep earning every round) and there's nothing else to play for or unlock.....I'm sick of having to kill the same guy last all the time (I forget his name but it's the target in the final mission that's repeated) as I can make a better score if I kill him earlier !!

I thought that there would be more support and regular content updates seeing as it's a top franchise that I've followed and supported for years, that's why I was happy to pay £5 to get the game when it came out but I don't understand why they've let such an awesome game slide like this, I've paid a lot less for other mobile games (in-fact I've got a few FREE games) which are still getting regular updates with new content to play 2yrs+ after their release.....I really expected more from this !! :(

I still think that if this Forum Address was advertised in-game from the beginning, it would of helped to liven-up this Forum, I'm not talking about a live link that people can click on in-game, I simply mean to post the address so people could search it on their P.C's and Laptops after or whilst playing !!

It's a damn shame, No Hitman fun this holiday season !!

Oh well, Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to ALL !!

We'll see what we can do in the future, plenty of cool stuff coming!

I saw ^this^ reply in another thread made a while ago.....I was just wondering.....WHEN is this plentiful amount of cool stuff coming ????

C'mon Nicolas mate, some news PLEASE, surely this can't be it for this game !?!?

26th Nov 2015, 15:40
Hey there!

So I can obviously now talk about the Hitman: Sniper tournament that is going on. We challenge you to play differently and the rewards are real physical stuff! It's pretty cool! www.hitmansniper.com

For the rest, we'll have a new update coming coming in 2015 and another one early 2016 so there's plenty more stuff coming!

Stay tuned and thanks for your support! It means a lot!

28th Nov 2015, 03:04
Hi Nicolas,

Thanks for the info. the tournament sounds good but it's sods law it pops-up now after I've just told you that I've not been playing for a while due to boredom.....I've lost my mojo now !! hahaha

Guess I'll have to try and find my mojo again and give the tournament a try (hope I can get enough time around work to have a decent go of it as it's crazy busy this time of year) it's nice to see that it's available for us here in the U.K as well because a lot of these are only open to U.S residents, so thanks for that as well.

Also, the news of 2 updates coming soon is good and VERY welcomed news, I'll definitely be looking forward to them, I'm just hoping that they've addressed the issues and concerns of the community as well as adding their own ideas !?

Anyway, It's good to hear from you mate and glad to see you're still looking after this forum and haven't been moved onto other things !!

!! Thanks Again for the Help & Info !! :cool:

9th Dec 2015, 08:52
I've been jacked into Everyplay since Square Enix introduced it. Been doing great!