View Full Version : Missing collectibles?

25th Nov 2015, 15:20
I have one survival cache left to find in the Geothermal Valley and one in the Acropolis but they aren't showing up on the map. Did anyone come across this situation or have trouble locating a specific item?

25th Nov 2015, 20:56
Yes (Geothermal Valley only). On my second playthrough the satchels have revealed the location to all caches, but not on the first. I'm guessing they're revealed randomly. I have tweeted someone photos of my Geothermal Valley map, if it's any help:


26th Nov 2015, 11:04
Thanks. Found the geothermal valley one. It was in the house of the afflicted to the right of the entrance to the puzzle, you have to swim under the wall. I spotted it when I did the puzzle but then forgot about it.

Also found the Acropolis one. I had to use the map and it was behind the first base camp you arrive at in the storyline. I cant recall if there was an Explores satchel in that level that shows you the locations. If there was it didnt show this one!

30th Dec 2015, 02:40
Can anyone share their Acropolis map, there is one document I can't find. There is also a section of the Acropolis I can't backtrack through from either side, so I'm hoping it's not there. I can drop into the hole and pass through the section of the wall, but I'm unable to proceed past that point as there are three iron grates covering the exits. Coming from the opposite direction in the Geothermal Valley Cliffside Lookout, I can get to one of the chasms, but there isn't a way back over. This is one document is the very last item to find!!

30th Dec 2015, 19:58
Someone is working on a nice online map, check if it helps — www.riseofthetombraidermap.de

It's still a WIP so it may not be complete, but if that's case let me know and I'll boot up my 360 and take some photos. :)