View Full Version : Rank System is useless if low ranks put with high ranks

24th Nov 2015, 23:48
Im no game coder, but it really pisses people off when you make a rank system that basically doesnt matter what rank you are, you get put with just players, basically im saying, who make a freaking rank system if you get people that are insanely higher level than you, or get put with people are way below you, i understand its because the player base to kind of even it out, but still, i support this game, i do, but the community is so freaking toxic, especially when they start blaming you because your not good, when your in a freaking match with 3 eternals and theirs only like 1 eternal and 2 golds and one silver, silver being me, because unlike most people, we just arnt that good and just trying to have fun or get the free gear for blood league, fix this issue, and for those people who are toxic, not all of us have time to play and be as good as you.