View Full Version : Fire Resistance Notification

24th Nov 2015, 08:50
Not a major issue, but I keep getting this in-game notification/tip about fire resistance, suggesting I get the Iron Hide skill (I already have it). It likes to pop up when I visit a campfire, and always appears when I change outfits. I feel like it has appeared at other times as well (tough to keep track b/c I'm trying to ignore it). I believe it first appeared post-story, after I got killed by a flame trooper. It's not a huge issue for me as I'm just about done with that save, but I wanted to report it.

Steps Taken: Reloaded save, restarted game/console, reinstalled game.

22nd Feb 2016, 08:16
I had this exact same problem on the PC version! It happened to me about 45% of the way into the game, before I had got the Iron Hide skill. Picking up the skill didn't make the notifications go away. I eventually got so sick of looking at it that I gave up several hours worth of saves and went back to an earlier save before the problem started happening. It looked like this, every time I would load the game, load a save game, or fast travel:


23rd Feb 2016, 10:52
Can you recall doing something specific that caused the message to first pop up?